Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lila's "Frozen" 5th Birthday (on a 90 degree day!)

This weekend we had a magical Frozen birthday with Lila's preschool friends to celebrate her 5th birthday (which yes, was now nearly two weeks ago! This has been the birthday that never ends!). Ironically, it was SO HOT here this weekend, so even though we had snowflakes and ice decor in the yard, it was blazing hot. Here's Lila showing how old she is, wearing her Elsa dress of course! 

Waiting for the kids to come over was the hardest part! 

We ordered her cake from a local grocery store bakery and it turned out so cute! 

I  had little crowns waiting for each girl to decorate with foam stickers and jewels when they arrived. 

While the girls were decorating their crowns, the surprise visitors arrived - ELSA AND ANNA! The girls' reaction was priceless - they were SHRIEKING with glee and mobbing Anna and Elsa with hugs. 

Of course, they wanted Elsa to freeze everything ... 

Anna and Elsa signed a few autographs ... 

Then read a fun interactive story. The girls were so into it! 

The book had tons of questions for the kids which they loved! 

Then they each got a turn to take pics ... so sweet! 

Then it was time for cake. It was so breezy that the candles wouldn't stay lit, but when Elsa and Anna are singing to you with all your little friends, that's not a concern!! 

After some much needed cake, it was Pinata time!! I'd never seen a pinata like this, but instead of beating it with a bat it had 10 little strings coming out of it, and one of them "released" the candy. The girls had fun taking turns pulling the strings until it burst, which happened on string 7 or so. 

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Then it was time for presents, which naturally I didn't get many pics of ... but what I did get a pic of was the refreshing and much needed Arnold Palmer cocktail (with vodka!) that I had after all the kids went home! 

Lila had such a magical day!!!

Happy birthday, Lila! 



  1. Happy birthday sweet Lila!! The magic and awe in their eyes makes it so special!! Great party mom!!

  2. Happy birthday, Lila!!!! What a fun party you planned!!!! I'm sure she loved every minute of it!

  3. How adorable is this?! So many amazing details, and loved that all the guests were dressed up as princesses too. Happy Birthday Lila <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. My niece had a very similar birthday with Anna and Elsa! It's such a cute party! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. What a cute party!! Love that Elsa and Anna visited, they all look so excited!

  6. Haha seriously, the irony of having a Frozen party on a freakishly hot weekend! How awesome that you got Elsa and Anna to come, and that it was a surprise! Sounds like heaven for a bunch of 5 year olds!

  7. How PERFECT! Everything looks lovely!

  8. Such a cute party! And how cute were the girls with Anna and Elsa. Perfect!

  9. Oh my goodness! I bet this party was like a dream come true for Lila! If Belle had showed up to one of my birthday parties I probably would have passed out! What a blast and such awesome memories for you guys!


  10. Oh lovely!! She seems to have had a wonderful time!!!


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