Monday, June 13, 2016

Life lately

Life continues to be a whirlwind of activities and this weekend was no exception!! Thankfully it was at least sunny!! 

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend who now lives in NYC, but was my first friend in Seattle when I moved to the city after college. She was in my wedding, and even nannied Lila for a brief stint when I went back to work., so to say she's a big part of our family is an understatement. 

Since she couldn't lug gifts home we did a Hawaiian honeymoon theme and she registered on Honeyfund! It was fun to do tropical drinks and pineapple decor ...

Unfortunately, as you all know I buy everyyyything on Amazon and for the first time ever my Amazon shipment got lost!!! Which contained all my cute Hawaiian decorations ... So I had to race around town last minute and it wasn't quite what I wanted but I don't think anyone really knew the difference ...  

And totally not Hawaiian but pink champagne macaroons are appropriate for any occasion!!!

And afterward Grant made me a stiff strawberry daiquiri using berries from our yard. So good after a long day! 

Sunday Lila had a preschool friend party at a frozen yogurt place! Her choice? Brownie and lime frozen yogurt mixed with sour gummies and peach chewy rings ... And sprinkles. Grossss!! She was thrilled though and ate the whole bowl! 

And Owen got to have a boys day with Papa and work on the birdhouse they've been building. 

This week is Grant's birthday so the celebrations continue!!!



  1. Love your decor ! Turned out so bright and colourful! And my kids love menchies too!

  2. Ah I'm sorry that your shipment got lost, but you did a wonderful job hosting! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That shower looks like a lot of fun! That is quite the mixture Lila put together - too funny!

  4. Sounds like a successful shower despite Amazon messing up. The decor is quite lovely and i need that pink champagne macaroooooooooooooon!

  5. You did a gorgeous job on the shower! I love the idea of a honeymoon fund as gifts since she couldn't take gifts back with her, so creative!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  6. So sorry about the shipment but oh my how beautiful it turned out!! Yay to frozen yogurt, bird houses and strawberry daiquiris! ;-)

  7. Hahaha brownie and lime froyo?! What a great combo. ;) Menchie's??? The shower looks great, and so does that daiquiri!

  8. The shower came out fabulous, loving the theme and all the amazing details! Boooo to your Amazon shipment getting lost, but it looks like you pulled everything together for the bride to be. Cheers to a great work gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. That’s so sweet you threw her bridal shower!

    NOOO Amazon! I’ve had a few problems with UPS who are the main delivery company for Amazon (at least whenever I order) and Amazon has always been really good about re-ordering. I love Lila's dessert! Looks yummy!

    liz @ j for joiner

  10. Oh my goodness--how cute is that spread for the bridal shower?! I'm obsessed! I have unfortunately had a few items from Amazon get lost which totally sucks! Doesn't stop me from ordering though haha!

  11. The shower looks like it turned out amazing! Your hair looks gorgeous and love the macaroons! And how yummy does that cocktail with fresh berries sound!?! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes


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