Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Grant's Birthday

So Grant's birthday was already a week ago, but we went out to a nice dinner (sans kids!) and got to try a great new restaurant, Salt & Iron in Edmonds

My parents live about 5 mins from the restaurant, so we dropped the kids off and headed out. Wooo! Cocktails to start ...

They provide homemade chips with a dipping sauce on the table when you sit down. We all know how much I love not only chips, but "free apps!" #winning.

We tried two appetizers ... first, beef tartar, which was so delicious and served with crusty grilled bread. I sort of have to get over the mental aspect of eating raw meat, but it was so good - light and fresh! 

Then we had a bowl of steamed mussels, again served with delicious crusty bread. I was considering getting this app as my entree, which also would have been perfect. I love mussels! 

Instead, I got a dungeness crab salad as my entree. The crab was delicious!!

Grant got lamb with asparagus, polenta and balsamic figs - SO good! 

And of course, I splurged and got a cappuccino after dinner. So delicious. 

Meanwhile, my parents had taken the kids to fish & chips, and the restaurant has a giant sandbox on the beach! So fun! We caught up with them after to take the kids home in time for bedtime. 

It was a beautiful night on the water. 

My parents gave Grant a couple of gifts. We all joked about this one, which was a shirt, but my mom had put it in this old Tahiti travel bag, so we all kept joking that it was a trip to Tahiti! I wish ... 

They also gave him bistro lights to hang in our yard. He put them up this weekend and they look so cute! Love these for summer nights on the patio. 



  1. What a fab birthday dinner and celebration! I'm literally drooling over all the food you guys ate! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The food looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Your hair looks so long and gorgeous! Glad Grant had a great birthday!

  3. Grant's birthday dinner looks delicious!! Love the lights in your backyard!

  4. That dinner sounds fabulous! Any app with crusty bread is my favorite. Your backyard looks so magical with all the lights. So fun!

  5. I mean we eat sushi and that's raw fish! So that doesn't sound too bad. The chips and sauce look great! Happy belated birthday to Grant!

    Your mom's got jokes!! She must be talking to my mom too much ;) my mom loves doing that.

    liz @ j for joiner

  6. Free apps are my jam. Even if it's just chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant (if chips & salsa aren't free at a sit-down Mexican restaurant I get so mad! Ha!). Those bistro lights look so good!!

  7. Everything looked amazing, I need some of those homemade chips! Glad you guys were able to celebrate his birthday with a fun date night <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Oh your dinner looks WONDERFUL! Lamb and polenta is awesome! And your lights look beautiful!

  9. Oh goodness! I really shouldn't have popped over here while I'm eating a healthy salad lunch! This all looks amazing! I'm with ya on the beef tartare--I struggle thinking about it being raw beef, but it is SO good!


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