Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Palm Springs vacation: part 1!

Woooo!! Finally getting around to recapping our trip! We go to Palm Springs every year - it's a quick 2 hour flight from Seattle and my great aunt lets us stay in her home there for free so it's a win win!). The weather is always perfectly HOT and since it's the desert there's no humidity, lots of pools, and mainly only retired people so quiet and peaceful. It has a fun vibe there too - it's almost like it's stuck in the 70s of old Hollywood Glamour. 

Here we are waiting to get on our flight ... it's so much easier to travel now that the kids are older and are excited!!

Cheeese!!! Very last row for the win ;) ... keeping occupied with new coloring books and markers! Each of the kids brought their own backpacks with snacks too, which they loved. 

After the kid in front of us PUKED all over the floor as soon as the plane took off (SO GROSS), I was paranoid the entire flight that we'd all come down with the stomach flu. Thankfully that did not happen ... the airline did nothing to clean it up except put a towel on top of it (which everyone trampled over on their way to the bathroom), and spritz with some Bath & Body works spray. Ugh! Where's the hand vac and some anti-bacterial Lysol!?!? Anyway, after that experience ... we arrived!!

The Palm Springs airport is adorable and small. Most of it is open air! 

Once we arrived we headed out to pick up our mini van rental. Cruisin' in style!

Then we got to our house!! The kids wanted to immediately pick some fruit. Love the orange, lemon and grapefruit trees so much! 

By the next morning, Owen was ready to hit the pool with his inflatable donut - cheeeeese!!!

Yay! Finally pool time!! 

Lila is seriously a little fishy. She loves the water and is almost too fearless. Owen is way more cautious and was happier playing with his cars and trains by the side. 

He was fine to take a couple dips with Mama though, as long as I was holding him (for reference, at his age, Lila was all over the pool ALONE in her floaties, but Owen would have none of that). 

Grant got the kids Otter Pops! They were thrilled ... Owen wanted green - "Seahawks colors" to match his shirt! So cute. 

And after naptime was of course, our nightly happy hour. First night we had fresh lemon drops!!! So delish! 

After the kids went to bed Grant and I sat out on the patio and had amazing dinners, including this "Acapulco-style" ceviche recipe. So good!

On our second day we took a little road trip to Huntington Beach! it's about a two hour drive from Palm Springs and the California coast is gorgeous. The huge beaches are so amazing and the kids had never been to a beach this big before! We also were loving all the beach volleyball set up. 

The kids loved the sand especially - we have "rocky" sand here in the Seattle area, so they really loved this! 

The main reason we took the little roadtrip was because Grant had booked a "joyride" on a historic B17 bomber from WWII!! We stopped at the tiny Riverside airport and we watched as he took off on his little joyride. So cool! 

Owen and I waiting for takeoff!! 

Most of our other mornings started like this. "Mornings" at our house are about 7 a.m., and in Palm Springs it was already about 75 degrees so having coffee on the patio was such a treat. 

More pool time! Cheese!

And more happy hours of course!! Arnold Palmers are my FAV drink, and Grant made this with fresh-squeezed lemonade and a splash of vodka ;) 

Our fourth day we went up in the Palm Springs Aerial Tram! We'd done this before when Lila was a baby, but decided to do it again and do a little hike at the top. 


The nice thing is that it takes you up to 8,000+ elevation so it's about 30 degrees cooler than a hot day in the desert. Here are the kids finding pine cones on our hike! 

Such amazing views!! 

We hiked two miles, which was the perfect length for the kids, and it had five "notches" along the way, which were the scenic viewpoints, so the fact that it was broken up into five small "adventures" was perfect for their little attention spans! 

And of course, what better after a "workout" in Southern California than In-N-Out burger!?!?!? Soooo good. 

Followed by more pool time of course!!! This was my nap-time view - even Grant napped on this day! 

Followed by more happy hours - grapefruit lime margaritas in the sunshine! Sooo good! 

I'll recap the rest later this week!!



  1. SOOO happy to see all those smiling faces!! Pool time, beach time, great food and drink, lots of adventures....cannot be beat!! You all look so happy and relaxed, love your black dress and sweet girlie in the doughnut hole blow up...too cute!!

  2. I'm loving all those refeshing beverages. What an awesome realxing trip. Can't wait to read PT2!!

  3. What a great trip! Minus the kid puking in the aisle in front of you. That is not ok! I can't believe they didn't clean it up either. Ugh. But looks like the weather, drinks and pool time made up for it! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. What an amazing start to your vacay - minus take off!! The drinks, pool and weather all looked amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Looks like so much fun! I am majorly craving some pool time (and sunshine...we have had SO much rain lately). That ceviche looks amazing, too!

  6. Looks like an absolutely amazing trip, you can't beat pool time, the beach, relaxing coffee on the patio, and of course adult cocktails. But yuck-a-puh-tooey about the kiddo in front of you guys puking on the floor! I'm shocked they only put a "band-aid" on it. How unsanitary?! They should have that powder to sprinkle on it and vacuum it right up, and of course disinfectant! Glad none of you guys caught the stomach flu, hopefully the kid was just airsick from the plane taking off. But yay for staying healthy and having a gorgeous trip <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. This sounds like perfection. Happy hours, pool time, sunshine, the beach, a hike...I am so jealous! Excited to read more!

  8. Wonderful pictures!!! Looks like you had an amazing trip!! :-)


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