Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mini herb garden

When we first moved into our house we went all out with a full veggie garden. It was a TON of work but really fun and when we got to go out and pick home grown veggies from our yard it was pretty rewarding. Then after a bad weather summer where we didn't get much "return" in the form of homegrown goods, we sort of abandoned the idea. We also realized we were spending more than it would cost to buy weekly from the farmer's market. So, we stuck with raspberries, which grow like weeds, and last year we added a couple of blueberry plants.

This year Grant decided to make a little outdoor herb garden. We already have a big rosemary and thyme bush, but we eat a ton of cilantro, basil and other herbs so we build this cute little one that Grant attached to our fence. (We have a friendly neighborhood of rabbits that would eat these instantly, so having them up high is perfect). 

Grant even hooked in our little drip watering system so we don't have to remember to water them. 

I love using Italian parsley especially in the summer! And with all the caprese salads I make, basil is a must as well.

View from above. 

Again, this project was about $100, so we could have bought herbs over the next few months for the same price, but it was fun to try for something different.

Do you have a garden? I love having fresh tomatoes so maybe I'll do a single little pot with a tomato plant to get my fix :)



  1. So fun! I attempted to grow a few things a couple years ago and it did not go well. An herb garden would be perfect, though!

  2. How lovely to have fresh herbs all the time! I have unsuccessfully tried an herb garden a couple times before! The watering system you have is so cool

  3. Love and so fun!!! We have a balcony and plant a bunch of things in pots. I can't wait to do it this year. :-)

  4. Ummm...yes, have Grant come over here and help my husband makes us a garden! We want one, but with our yard being exposed currently (no fence) lots of rabbits and other plant eating animals come through and destroy our garden because it's on the ground, but maybe something elevated would help dissaude that.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. I'm in an apartment, so I can't have a garden but an herb garden is a great idea! I love the drip system your husband put in so you never have to remember to water!

    xo, Kristina

  6. I say I'm going to start a small garden every year, but have yet to actually do it. My brother however has a really nice garden in his backyard.

  7. I love this little garden.. If I did not have a brown thumb I would try
    Chelsea @

  8. Awesome! I can't wait to have a home so we can create an herb garden. We tried growing some inside and it works for a few months then they always die.

  9. I love having fresh herbs right in the backyard! I use our basil plants more than any other!


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