Monday, April 11, 2016

Gorgeous Weekend

Ahhh ... what a lovely weekend we had. I feel like a broken record about our weather but it's been SO nice and summery it's truly been a shock. Typically this time of year it's pouring, grey and cold (and um ... that may be the forecast for the week so boo hoo). Instead, it was sunshiney and 70s!! 

Saturday Lila and I had a special "girl's day" with my BFF who was in town from NYC. She's having her wedding here in August so booked her venue without seeing it first (very brave!). So Saturday her mom, bridesmaids and Lila (who's the flower girl), went for mani/pedis, lunch and a tour of the venue. This was Lila's FIRST mani/pedi, and oh boy, girlfriend was an old pro. The place we went does a hot stone massage on your legs during the pedicure and I had to laugh at this sweet little four year old getting her arms massaged by one person while the other was doing a stone massage on her legs #spoiledmuch? 

Anyway, it was adorable and she was THRILLED with the purple glitter polish she chose for her fingers and a bright reddish orange for her toes! 

And I got a very light/whitish lavender color for mine ... 

Thankfully the venue was gorgeous and had a lush beautiful gardens. All of their lilacs were in bloom and smelled SO amazing. 

And they had pretty rustic tables and chairs for outdoor dinners. All in all, our trip was a success! 

After the girls' day we met up with Grant and Owen for an afternoon/evening on Lake Washington on our friends' boat! It was AMAZING. If you've never been to Seattle, Lake Washington is pretty big but is also gorgeous and has so many amazing houses to look at along the lake. 

Ahhh, look at all that sunshine! A sundress in April!? Yes please!

The kids had so much fun too sitting up on the bow. 

And check out Mt. Raininer - it was much more visible in person, but still so beautiful!!! 

After, we came home tired from such a long day that it was time for PJs and some warm tea.

Hoping we have many more weekends like this in the future!!



  1. Oh wow your friend is very brave to book without seeing it first but I'm so glad it worked out!! Mani/pedis sounds like a great way to spend Saturday! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. We had a beautiful weekend too!! I spent most of it outside with Sophie! It was great.

    Lila is too cute! I love your nails, perfect for spring and to match with any outfit.

    Such a great weekend full of friends and memories :)

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. Boat beautiful! How fun!! And precious manicured beauties!! Yay for your gorgeous sunshine!!

  4. She is so cute with her mani!!!

  5. Such a great weekend - that venue looks gorgeous! Any time on a boat is a favorite of mine - looks so relaxing!

  6. YAY for a boat day! Glad you guys had such gorgeous weather this weekend! And how fun is your girl's day with Lila? Love the mani/pedi idea and the color you went with! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. That wedding venue looks gorgeous!!

  8. Sounds like an amazing weekend! That boat looks beautiful and fun. Love Lila's manicure too. Your nail polish color is similar to the one that I got this week too. :-)

  9. This looks like the perfect weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  10. Yay for gorgeous weather and a fun girls day. Both of your nails came out fabulous <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. Your nails look beautiful! Love that color. Lila looks very proud and excited!


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