Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with KateEmily and Kerri for Wanderlust Wednesday. Let me start by saying we don't get to vacation NEARLY as much as we did when we were single/childless and I SO MISS IT!!! We used to go on several "big" vacations a year. Nowadays I have unlimited PTO, but not-so-unlimited budget and traveling with kids just isn't the same. I know many people lug their kids all other the world, and we could totally do that too, but I prefer closer to home trips where we don't have to pack as much. We DID just get Owen's passport though so we're contemplating going to Mexico soon. Time will tell! 

Traveling with small kids means electronics and plenty of distractions are required!! (And grandparents across the aisle doesn't hurt either!!)

We do have a couple of our annual trips booked already this year - we're taking our annual Palm Springs trip in May, and then heading to Lake Chelan again hopefully this summer where it's oh-so-warm and nice. 

I will admit that for me, it's not really a vacation if there isn't warm weather and swimming involved. I guess that comes with living somewhere cold. When I go on vacation, I want it to be HOT and sunny!

I've been craving spring and summer so much that I've  been on the hunt recently for summer sandals and dresses that'll work both for vacation and home ...

I love these sandals - they'd match so many dresses and look more comfy than heels ...

There are also these similar ones from Target, which are about $45 cheaper ... wonder if they are comfy!?

And I always love a good wedge! I loves these ones too ...

As for bathing suits, I have been eyeing this one from Amazon. Bright and tropical! I think it's a rip off of the triangl brand, but hard to tell. It's also $18, which means it's either a screaming deal or will dissolve after a few wears. Either way, I'm intrigued.

What's on your vacation wish list!?



  1. I love that swimsuit! And those wedges are super fun, but I definitely think they would hurt my feet.

  2. LOVE all those sandals and that swimsuit! I'm totally the same way--I'm never going to vacation somewhere colder than where I live now!

  3. Sometimes PTO is best just hanging out at the house haha. That's what I do nowadays. I don't even think of traveling with Sophie.

    I love wedges nothing better than them, I feel like they have more support than regular heels and I walk better in them. That swimsuit looks beautiful!

    liz @ j for joiner

  4. I'm not going to lie, I live someplace warm and sunny and I still prefer to go on vacations to places that are warm and sunny! Although it is nice to see snow every once in awhile. And jealous of your unlimited PTO! I wish I had that!!

  5. I agree that vacations are usually better in sunny and warm destinations but I'm not opposed to some city trips across in Europe. I love those MK wedges. I actually was going to buy them last year and forgot about them so thanks for reminding me! lol

  6. That swimsuit is so fun! I am desperate for a warm vacation right now. Last year around this time we were on a free all-expense paid vacation in Mexico through my job...I'm not bitter at all that that trip just happened again and I wasn't on it... (I'm not eligible two years in a row.)

  7. How pretty is that bathing suit?! And I hear ya on it not feeling like a vacation if it's not warm and sunny. Growing up in the north made me feel that way too, if it's site seeing and chillier weather it's just a trip to me lol. I need that beach/pool relaxation time! Looking forward to hearing about you guys breaking in Owen's passport :-D
    Green Fashionista

  8. Palm springs will be fabulous - love that it's an annual trip for you - that's on our travel list!

  9. I love how and sunny vacations too! We are going to visit my family in Poland this summer so it won't exactly be a relaxing poolside vacation, I can't wait. I miss them so much and can't wait to see them! Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  10. Looks like a great trip and I love that last bathing suit!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish


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