Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Did you know ...

I don't talk about work much here but I've been in various PR/communications jobs over the years ... And over the years I always seem to be "cast" in interesting roles as part of work projects.

This week I got to cross "music video grunge band groupie" off of my bucket list! HA!! I don't look too authentic, but I blended in well with my 90s Nirvana style oversized plaid, thick knit cap, and rocker bracelets. 

The shoot took alllllll dayyyyy and I couldn't get the dang song out of my head after but it was pretty fun.

My other gigs have included pharmaceutical sales hand model (lol!!) - holding pill bottles pieces of scanning equipment in a lab coat - haha ... Although all you could see were my hands or arms.

And ... my personal favorite ... The time I duped Grant into coming along to a Halloween store costume shoot for one of my work clients. Somehow we were cast as the viking couple (which is actually appropriate since that was our college mascot!). As if this picture wasn't embarassing enough, the store had giant floor to ceiling banners of it ... I was also on their website as a flapper girl complete with short black wig and fake mole! 

Naturally all of my modeling gigs have been unpaid (haha) but good for a few laughs!!! 

Now you know one trick to PR is that most companies use employees in their marketing or ads!! Free labor! 



  1. Looks like you definitely have some fun times with your job! Love the vikings!

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    1. Still looks like a lot of fun even if it is unpaid!

      liz @ j for joiner

  3. Sounds like it is fun for you! (And props for getting your guy to come along haha!)

  4. Oh my gosh how fun!! Lots of funny memories made I'm sure! xo, Biana

  5. What?! So jealous! This sounds like such a fun time and love your "grunge" outfit! Perfect! Even though it took all day it still sounds like a blast!

  6. How much fun! Sounds like an amazing work day, albeit a long one! This made me so nostalgic for the 90's <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. That sounds like so much fun! I love that you were on giant banners at the costume store!! Also you are really epitomizing the grunge look.

  8. Hahaha I love this. The viking costumes are great!

  9. i had no idea pr companies did that! that is cool though--love the last pic. ha!!

  10. Those are awesome. Love the photo and I can't believe how big of a print they did of it.


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