Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Owen is TWO!

My darling "sweet boy" as I call him is officially TWO! I can't believe it. There are officially no more babies in our house. We celebrated Owen's birthday with a fun family lunch at Red Robin followed by cake and ice cream, and of course plenty of balloons!

He still isn't quite as excited by gifts as, say, Lila is. I think she opened almost all of his Christmas gifts, but he did manage to open a few for his birthday! 

It was dark in the restaurant, but we had a fun lunch with both sides of our family! They brought Owen a sundae and sang to him too which was so cute, and he clapped and said "Happy Birthday to you, too!" 

Lila was thrilled - she ordered herself a strawberry milkshake with sprinkles, and even claimed one of Owen's gifts for herself - lol. 

Trucks and trains were a major theme for Owen this year between Christmas and his birthday, and I think we lost count but he received about 6 fire trucks. He loved every single one! 

After naptime we sang to him at home with a simple little cake. He was thrilled. 

And even stopped long enough for a chocolate gooey kiss for Mama!!!

Lila was loving all the special events too, they may have just as well been for her. 

Here's a bit about Owen at age TWO!

Favorite Foods: He LOVES meat - ham especially, bacon, steak, sausage, etc. He also loves sweet breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, etc. He does NOT like noodles recently which is weird because he used to love them, also isn't a big fan of a lot of berries which I also find weird, but generally he's not too picky. 

Favorite Toys: He LOVES trucks and trains. LOVES. Especially the cars from the Cars movies, fire trucks, garbage trucks and ALL of the Thomas trains. We now have an entire "fleet" of various toddler trucks throughout our living room #hautehomedecor. 

Sleep: He does NOT like going to sleep now and often cries/whines/tantrums when it's time for nap or bed. He sleeps good generally, but he's definitely a "toddler" when it comes to getting his way. Especially if he's tired - then it's a battle. It's frustrating to say the least!

Milestones: He says SO MUCH it's shocking to me. He comes up with new phrases all the time and I think "I had no idea you knew to say that!" Today he came up to me, "Mama, let me show you something!" He also loves to say "I feel better now!" (if he falls or gets hurt). I think it's because he's trying to keep up with Lila, but they are chatty together and he loves to play with her. He also loves to jump now which is a new "skill" for him!

Overall, he's seriously the sweetest boy. He loves to give kisses and if I ask him if he's my sweet boy, he says "oh yes, Mama!" I get sad sometimes thinking about him being a sweaty teenager (lol), so I try just not to think about it!!! I'm loving this age so much and hoping to enjoy every minute (even the tantrum ones). 

Happy Birthday, Owen!!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Owen!!! What a cutie pie! I have three sweaty teen boys but they still maze me at how loving they can be. Keep raising him with all that awesome love you give and he'll continue to love on mama!! ;-)

  2. YAY Happy Birthday Owen!! He is seriously SO adorable and looks like he had such a blast! Your kids are the cutest!

  3. Happy birthday Owen!!! So cute! And love that Lila ordered herself a milkshake and claimed one of his toys, so funny! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. happy birthday Owen!!!!

    Sophie loves gifts!!!! No problem with them either, she loves opening ours for us and giving them to us. I think she has more fun with the tearing things open than wanting the gift haha.

    Man I thought it was just me, Sophie plays aroundi n her crib for hours now, she just doesn't want to go down, I hope it goes away for both of us!

    He's so cute that he can talk. Sophie knows phrases but doesn't really say anything, she prefers to show us instead of talking to us.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. The expression on his face looking at the candles on his cake is just too cute!!!!! Happy Birthday to him!

  6. Oh my GOSH he is so cute and sweet! I feel the same way--I really want a girl and I think a little boy would be so sweet but thinking about raising a sweaty teenage boy gives me anxiety! Hahaha.


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