Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Friday

Whew!! I'm so glad this week is over! This week always feels like a post holiday hangover. It's hard to go back to work, the kids don't want to wake up each morning, the house looks bare without our tree and overall I'm tired! But! The weekend is here thank goodness and I'm so ready for some R&R! 

The one benefit?? It's been sunny here!! It rained a ton over the Christmas holiday so at least that's been a nice change.

Here we are enjoying the sunshine. I told the kids to say "cheese" and naturally they both say "TOOTS!!!" (Oh toddler humor ...)

Lila and I have our weekly Starbucks dates back on the books too!! So fun to chat after school about her day.

Ahhh the sunshine!! Always appropriate for a selfie!

Now that Owen is two I swear he's going on 13! Where is my baby??? My mom texted me this pic of him at the library this week and I couldn't believe how old he looked. 

We've been getting lots of at-home check ups recently as well from our resident Dr. Lila! She got a doctor kit and outfit for Christmas and it's hilarious to hear the "problems" we have that she comes up with. Love to see her using her (wild) imagination!

I have a shopping date with my mom this weekend (thank you holiday gift cards!) and the Seahawks are playing in the Wildcard playoff game so I'm excited for a great weekend! Hope yours is great too!



  1. I LOVE your weekly Starbucks dates as I drink mine now. Every Thursday after work, I get one and heat it up on Friday morning since it's my day off. Love your sun shiny glow and I hope this weekend is ahhmazing and relaxing!!

  2. So happy the week is over! Hope you have a great weekend and the sun stays out for you!

  3. This week seriously was a struggle! My dad used to take me on Starbucks dates too and it was the BEST! Hope you have a wonderful weekend love!

  4. LOVE that Doctor Kit! What a fun idea for a gift, remembering that for when I have an older niece!

  5. What a fun week and a shopping date with you mom to cap it off is the best!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. What cute photos of fun family time! Happy Friday!

  7. Girrrrl my tree is still up because I can't bear the thought of that corner being empty again :( Glad you got some one on one time with your precious littles this week. That selfie is FAB ;)

  8. wish i was more at home with my little one to do weekly starbucks dates with my daughter! such a great thing :) Glad I found your blog through the link up! I can't wait to keep reading your blogging journey this year and hope you stop by mine too!

  9. Definitely ready for the weekend! Sounds like you had a fun one planned!

  10. Yay for sunshine and Starbucks dates! Enjoy your shopping date with your mom, Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  11. I've decided if I have a daughter I'm going to make weekly Starbucks dates a thing. :) Have fun shopping this weekend!

  12. i'm still LOLing at the Toots!! I'm gonna say that in my head now when i take pics!


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