Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday favs

Happy Friday!! I'm ready for a long weekend because this is the FIRST in many years that I've had MLK day off of work! Woo!! Also, the Seahawks are in another playoff game so we're excited to watch that on Sunday. 

I had a good week ... wasn't so lucky in the Powerball though (wah wah), but I did magically have my name spelled right on my Starbucks iced tea!! The little things right?! 

I'm on week two of wearing glasses 100% of the time in prep for getting Lasik in early Feb. Can't say I love it ... but it's getting easier I guess. Some people at work thought I was wearing fakes, but no, these are my cheapos from Warby Parker, which before this I only wore for about 10 minutes each night before bed. 

And in other news after a super rainy week it was BEAUTIFUL and sunny yesterday! My mom took Owen to the park and texted me this sweet photo. He was so happy to run around outside without getting soaked!

I've been eating a lot of salads for dinner during the week, so not the most creative, but Grant got creative and made these impromptu "caprese breakfast calzones" using some leftover biscuit dough we had in the fridge. Delish! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. Look at that beautiful sunshine and beautiful you!! happy weekend gorgeous, may it be lovely and fun!!

  2. I think you look super cute in glasses! Now that I have lasik I really do have a pair of fake glasses I wear occasionally haha! It took me forever to stop looking for my glasses every morning or trying to push them up on my face even though they weren't there. And those caprese calzones look amazing! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Those breakfast calzones look soo good! Have a great long weekend!

  4. I'm drooling over that calzone you made - like literally want to come through the computer and eat it! Love the way the glasses look on you! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Love Starbucks treats! Your glasses look super cute on you :)

  6. Those caprese calzones look DELISH! And yay for the long weekend! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. That picture of Owen is so adorable! Umm, breakfast calzones?? Sign me up!!


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