Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ferry adventure

On a rainy weekend there are only so many indoor adventures we can do before everyone gets too stir crazy, so last Saturday even though it was pouring, we grabbed our raincoats and headed out for a ferry boat adventure! The Seattle area has many ferry boats that travel to and from the islands and the peninsula, but because I grew up on an island that required a ferry, it always felt like more of a chore than "cool." Now that I don't do it often though, it's a fun little adventure especially for the kids. 

This time we chose the Edmonds/Kingston ferry. We parked in Edmonds and walked onto the ferry. Next stop? Kingston!! 

Goodbye dock!

We were pretty much the only people on the "sun deck" although there was definitely no sunshine to be seen ... Owen found plenty of puddles to jump in though and was thoroughly soaked in the first few minutes!

Once the ferry docked in Kingston, we walked off and were in the quaint (tiny) Main Street. We quickly ducked out of the rain for some comfort food!

Clam chowder hit the spot!

And fish and chips are always a good choice!

Then we headed to the cutest little candy shop before heading back to the ferry.

Lila quickly found the "Frozen" jelly beans. 

And a messy candy cane for Owen.


And back we go! It's a nice 30 minute boat ride and was a fun way to spend a weekend morning.



  1. Looks like a great weekend activity to do with kids, rain and all!

  2. Love Lila's boots :) Crocs, Sophie has the same color but more snow winter boots (she wanted them even though it never snows here!)

    Great day for the family even with the weather, I'm glad y'all were able to enjoy a day! Small adventures are so much fun. Especially if they don't cost much.

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. It must be a requirement for all the cute little ferry towns to have a candy shop. The candy shop in Bainbridge was so fun. I love taking the ferry and can't believe I only did it once while we lived in Seattle!


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