Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Keepsake ornaments

I'm sure it's no surprise for anyone to hear that I may be slightly obsessed with Christmas. And along with that obsession is an equal obsession for Christmas ornaments. I have so many memories from ALL of my ornaments - when and where I got them, etc. And I like to have ornaments with special memories too, like to remember a trip, life event, and so on. I don't go for a specific theme, so none of them match, but I love them being mismatched and representing fun memories instead. 

I wrap all of them in tissue each year when I put them away, and so unwrapping the tissue to reveal which ornament is inside is one of my favorite parts about Christmas decorating!! 

Here are some of my favorites ...

Naturally, one of my favorites is a little wedding ornament. We were gifted this little Crate + Barrel ornament frame the year we got married - 2008! Which is commemorated with a cute little charm. I love this ornament and it's always my favorite to put on the tree. 

Second has to be the kids' "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments. I remember growing up my mom had a "smurf" one for my first Christmas (ha!) and I always loved putting it on the tree every year. This one Grant picked out for Owen. Because he was due at the end of December, we purposefully got one without a year on it and it was a good thing since he was born on Jan. 2 - two days into the New Year! I had to wait a whole year to use it, but it was fun to put on the tree this year. 

My mom bought us this sweet ornament for Lila's first Christmas, which is handmade by a local artist and has her name and the year engraved on the back. So special!

I also LOVE the "ugly" homemade gifts the kids have made. My mom and Owen "made" this one at the little library story hour last year. So sweet!! He loves this and loves to point "look, Mama, it me OWEN!" - So sweet. 

We also have a little matching one of Lila, and she made the tree ornament at preschool the year before last. 

Then I always buy a few new ones every year!! This one is from Anthropologie. If you haven't ever seen their Christmas decs, they are SO cute! I loved this little nutcracker style Santa. 

And, given my coffee obsession AND as a Seattle resident, I felt I HAD to buy one of the cute ornaments Starbucks had this year. They had so many fun options but I had to go for the hearts. 

I also love this little wooden glitter star from Pottery Barn. So rustic and felt very Pacific Northwest. 

So that's a little peek into our tree!! Our tree is very toddler friendly this year with not many ornaments on the bottom half, but it's still pretty nonetheless. 



  1. I love ornaments that are sentimental like these! I have one from going to see the Nutcracker that is my absolute favorite!

  2. My favorite ornaments are always the sentimental ones (and of course the Starbucks ones are growing on me too!), and loving that Crate & Barrel one from the year you got married. So pretty <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. The sentimental ornaments are the BEST! I love trees covered in special stories instead of the trees that are simply matched and coordinated. Yours looks fantastic.

  4. You have so many beautiful and special ornaments! A tradition we started on our honeymoon was collected an ornament from every trip! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love all of these ornaments!! Especially the handmade ones, and the wedding one and the starbucks one! Where did you get the starbucks one?

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. Oh very special ornaments. Love the one from the first year of marriage and that cute cup!!!

  7. I am with you in the sentimental ornaments. I love them all. My baby's first Christmas on my parents tree is a favorite. I always make my mom put it front and center on their Christmas tree still. :)

  8. I've been loving seeing everyone's cute ornaments. I totally want the real version of that starbucks mug

  9. My mom has SO many ornaments and buys more every year. Living at home I always LOVED taking the ornaments out and decorating the tree. Every year we would say, "I remember this one!" and "This is one of my favorites!" and it was so much fun. I definitely have a Starbucks one that was a red cup from a couple years ago...but it's still with my mom's ornaments!


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