Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Monday

We've been so busy around here I haven't been keeping up with my blogging, or much else for that matter! Last week Lila had her annual Christmas concert at preschool - these concerts are seriously the sweetest ever. The kids are still so young that they wave and yell out to their parents, the parents are all standing waving back, it's so sweet. Owen even knew all the songs since Lila had been practicing at home and was yelling out "HI LILA!!!!!!!!" while she sang. So sweet. 

And he even made it up on stage at one point ... oops! So cute. 

So proud of this sweet girl!!! 

Last week I treated myself to a delicious three-course lunch when our work cafeteria had a pop-up sit-down lunch from Barking Frog, which is a fabulous restaurant here in the Seattle area. So good! Prawns, a lamb burger and pumpkin chocolate truffles. Mmmm!

As for the weekend, unfortunately Seattle is living up to it's reputation and been RAIIINY. Which has really been annoying me lately. Check out this forecast - ugh!!! So gross. I even had hair appointments for me and Owen this weekend which were both cancelled due to weather - it was SUPER windy and it knocked the power out in our area. Oh well! So much for pretty hair before the holidays! 

We spent a lot of time indoors this weekend including getting some new books at the library. (Notice Lila's in her summer dress ... she hates coats ... #lovely). 

Sunday we hung at home all day - it was actually so nice. I ran to the store in the morning and we made breakfast quesadillas, filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, green onion, cilantro and bacon. Then we topped them with salsa, sour cream and avocado - so good! We ate these while we watched the Seahawks WIN! Woo!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!!



  1. Oh my goodness, how incredibly sweet is Owen sitting on stage and Lila in her concert outfit!!!! Adorable as can be!! Aren't Sundays at home the best, and with yummy quesadillas and a Seahawks Win...perfection!! Heres to a Merry and joyous week ahead!!

  2. Sorry it's been so rainy but sometimes it's nice to stay cozy indoors! I bet those Christmas concerts are just the cutest! She looks SO adorable and I bet she had a blast!

  3. Oh my goodness, that pop up lunch #yesplease & the quesadilla breakfast! SO much good food!! Love the pictures and the fact that she won't wear a coat ha, I remember being just like that when I was her age! happy monday!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  4. Breakfast quesadilla's those sound amazing and looked good too! Sorry to hear the weather has been such a pain for you guys! And yay for your little girl nailing the performance! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. That Christmas program sounds so sweet :) Those breakfast quesadillas look delicious!! Happy Monday :)

  6. Ohh your breakfast quesadilla looks amazing! Such a good idea! And that pop up lunch?! Yum! You have me hungry again!

  7. The pageant must have been adorable!!! =)

  8. Concerts and dance recitals for young kids are always so cute! I love that they'll get distracted and wave or look around haha! I never got to try Barking Frog, but that sounds delicious! And your breakfast quesadilla looks so good too!

  9. how cute that they had a Christmas concert!! We just had a christmas parade which Sophie loved.

    Boo on the rainy weather! I don't mind rain, and I don't mind cold, but I certainly mind both at the same time. Lila looks so cute in her dress. Because Sophie's still young enough we usually put on pullovers to keep her warm since she'll unzip a jacket.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. Booooo to all the rain, sending some sunshine your way! And how adorable was that pageant!? So fun!

    Cheers to a fabulous week gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  11. I bet that Christmas program was just so sweet! Your breakfast looks amazing on Sunday...has me craving Mexican!


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