Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Favorite holiday traditions

Happy December! Ahh, the holidays. The great thing about it officially being December is that Christmas has exploded in our house and I'm so excited to countdown to Christmas with the kiddos!!

I'm linking up with Mattie and Julie to share my favorite "Goodall" family traditions.

Getting a tree. I always want to get our Christmas  tree immediately after Thanksgiving so we can have it as long as possible, but this year we got ours on Saturday since we were out of town for Thanksgiving. We've done u-cut, markets and tree stands, but this year we went the simple route and got it at a hardware store! Decorating it with toddlers is another story, and it should go without explanation that only the top half of the tree has ornaments (#owen).

Hmm, where's the perfect tree ... we decided on a Norman Fir! 

Gingerbread Houses. My BFF and I always have done gingerbread houses (via the below cute kits) for years and last year we had Lila do one too! It's so fun and we always watch our fav holiday movies while we frost and decorate with candy. My BFF lives across the country now so when she comes into town for Christmas we still keep our tradition!

Here were ours last year. So much fun! Lila's sweet one on the left - not bad! :) 

Christmas Movies. My favorites are classics that I watch every year. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is my ultimate favorite. 

Then Love Actually

I always seem to watch The Holiday and Home Alone too! Now that we don't have cable I have been missing out on the cheesy made for TV Christmas movies but I just realized a ton of them are on Netflix! Yes!

Christmas Morning. Now that we have kids it's so fun to be Santa and out out the little Santa gifts each year!!! It's so magical and we always open out gifts on Christmas morning, followed by a fun breakfast! Here they are last year playing with some of their new toys bright and early! 

We have so many more fun traditions too and I hope to add more throughout the years to come!! 



  1. So festive my friend!! LOVE that you do gingerbread houses! A church in our area used to do them and give you the house pieces then everyone brought the trimmings and we created all night, it was so fun to see what the kids came up with! Ahh, I LOVE Christmas Vacation and Love Actually. They are both setting on our end table, ready to go!! Have a terrific Tuesday beautiful!!

  2. Love these happy little posts! I've never had a real try so one of those years we're going to have to get one! The gingerbread house idea is so fun! We normally just get one for our niece and nephew but next year we need to our own like y'all did!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. I love real trees, but not the maintenance of one. Kyle and I plan on getting a real one next year, but for this year, our fake Charlie Brown like tree is good enough.

    I want to make gingerbread houses, although I'd probably eat half the house before it was even made....I'm that person. Kyle hates cooking with me because I'm eating the food as it's being prepared.

    Can't wait to open gifts with Sophie this year, she enjoyed ripping open all of the paper, but not playing with the toys. I think she'll enjoy it this time though.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. These are such great traditions!! I love that you guys get a real tree- I think when we have a house we'll do the same, but our fake one has been going strong for 5 years!! And nothing better than x-mas morning and I'm an adult lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. These are all some of my favorite traditions too! Especially getting the tree, watching Christmas specials, and decorating gingerbread houses <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. I love seeing everyone's Christmas traditions! I love Christmas movies too! I think my favorites are National Lampoons Christmas and Home Alone.

  7. My firefighter husband says no to real trees in our house lol! There's nothing like the smell of a real tree :) YES to gingerbread houses & Christmas movies!! Definitely favorite traditions in our house too :)

  8. So many great holiday traditions! I'm jealous of your fresh tree, there's nothing quite like the smell of pine during the holidays! And your gingerbread houses turned out awesome!

  9. I just commented on another post that I haven't made a gingerbread house! I'm pretty sure mine would look horrible. Hahaha. But I think it would be so fun anyway! I love Christmas movies. I so want to watch on tonight after reading all these fun Christmas posts! Also those buffalo check slipper booties are so cute!

  10. Your gingerbread houses look so good! We don't buy a kit, so when we make ours, they look very special. Hahaha

  11. Thanks for linking up today! I love making gingerbread houses, so fun for all ages :) and getting a real tree is so magical.


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