Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Traditions

Good morning! We had a great weekend full of Halloween fun (even though it POURRRRED all weekend here) and birthday celebrations for my Dad. So I'll recap all of that soon, but for today I'm joining the fun with Mattie and Julie for the November "Tell Us About It" link-up. Today's topic? Thanksgiving Traditions!

I'm ALL about holiday traditions, and we have a few that I've kept over the years. Growing up, our tradition was always that we ate super early, then ALL went ice skating while my grandma and a few aunts stayed home to clean up, and then we all came home starving and ate turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie. It was so fun! We haven't done it in years now, but it was a unique tradition I'll always remember!

Now that we have our own family, we're working to establish our own traditions, but obviously for Thanksgiving one of the biggest ones in the FOOD! The most important part right? Gobble gobble! I've actually been wanting to do away with having turkey but the "Dads" have dismissed that idea the last couple of years. Although this year I may try to bring it up again. Informal Poll - Do you all like turkey!? I feel like people "like" it for one night but if given the chance would prefer, say, prime rib!!?!? Mmm, I know I would.

Here's my menu from last year. Yes, I went way overboard, which is another of my traditions. This year, since we're starting a new tradition and renting a beach cabin, we can't go too crazy and I'm actually excited about it. Cooking a ton of dishes is really fun, but also a ton of work, so I'm happy to hang up my apron a bit this year in exchange for some beach walks and low key fun. This will be our view ...

My favorite "dish" is actually a salad if you can believe that. We call it ""24-Hour" Layered Salad" because you make it 24 hours in advance, but this is a great similar version from the Pioneer Woman if you want to try it. SO good!

Second, I mentioned this recently, but since it came out many years ago, my Mom and I have always watched the movie "Home for the Holidays" the night before Thanksgiving. If you haven't seen it, it's a must! It's old now, but has some great actors and is so true about family dynamics around Thanksgiving.

My favorite NEW tradition is that on Thanksgiving night I give the kids each a pair of Christmas PJs, and Christmas books to add excitement for the upcoming Christmas season! The last two years it's been so fun to put on the Christmas PJs on Thanksgiving night and read a Christmas book. Can't wait to keep that tradition going ... here are last year's gifts!

Look how cute they were last year - Owen looks so little!

I'm excited for our beach Thanksgiving this year, and although I'm not sure it'll be a yearly tradition, it's exciting to have lots of family time to look forward to!



  1. Thanksgiving is the best time of year! I have never seen Home for the Holidays but I love holiday movies so I'll have to watch it! Your kiddos look so adorable in their matching PJs!

  2. I LOVE the Christmas book idea!!! We do Friendsgiving the night before Thanksgiving!

  3. We are sooo about traditions! I love yours and can I get a whoop whoop for a beach cabin tradition!! So awesome!! This time of the year us truly magical!! You kick it off right girl!! Love it!

  4. Ok, that view from the beach cabin is AMAZING! You're definitely going to enjoy Thanksgiving from there! We usually eat earlier and then I always go back for more later! And love the matching pj sets! Too cute!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Wow a beach thanksgiving sounds pretty nice right now amid all the Seattle rain we've been getting :) love the tradition of Xmas pjs and books! So cute! Thanks for linking up!!

  6. I love the holiday traditions, so fun learning what other families do. I love the idea of pjs!

  7. Um your view for thanksgiving this year is going to be amazing!! I seriously love that movie too - haven't seen it in years! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. That old ice skating tradition is so fun! I've never heard of anyone doing that before. I think Thanksgiving at the beach would be so much fun! And you know how I feel about turkey... *thumbs down* I also love the pajamas and Christmas book tradition! So exciting for them. :) Thanks for linking up!!

  9. That salad looks so good and I am definitely adding that to my recipe list!

  10. Beach traditions sound far more fun though than the traditional turkey. the 24 hour salad sounds delish!

    we don't really have any traditions per se. We more play it by ear. Last year we just bought a rotisserie chicken, made mashed potatoes, some other thanksgiving related items and called it a day.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. We haven't seen ''Home for the Holidays'', I am going to look for it. The salad looks awesome! I will comment back ­

  12. I totally agree with you on the Turkey-we usually have turkey and ham for those who want something different. My mom also made a similar salad growing up, but we called it "7 layer salad."


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