Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Another week come and gone and another weekend is here - finally! This week was a little nutty with Daylight Savings Time in effect. The kids woke up super early for the first half of the week and having it dark around 5 p.m. is not the same. However we did have some festiveness this week too, which is always exciting. 

First, I had my first official "red cup" of the season! I popped into a Starbucks to work for a bit and had already had way too much coffee, but when I saw the cups I decided I had to get something. So funny how something as simple as a red cup can make me so giddy. Bring on Christmas! I also noticed Starbucks has their Thanksgiving blend out, which is always one of my favorites!

I also picked up ALL the November cooking magazines! I love this tradition and even though I typically only make 1-2 new recipes each year and then stick to our favorites, I love looking through all the mags for a new perfect dish. I also may or may not keep all of the November issues to "reference," which means my cookbook shelf has WAY too many November mags piling up! I may need to purge those after this year ... 

Speaking of Daylight Savings Time, the kids have been disappointed that it's now PITCH BLACK after dinner, since they normally liked to play outside after dinner all summer long! Never fear though, Grant whipped out his little camping headlamps and the kids thought it was so fun and they've been playing outside with them all week! So cute and hilarious as I'm doing dishes to see the little headlights running all over the yard. 

Also this week, even though this is totally a summer dish, I made a big plate of my favorite caprese salad. I could seriously never tire of this. So light, fresh and delicious! 

And here's a fun look at one of Owen and my mom's outings this week! She texted me this cute pic at work and said Owen was practicing his "Cock-a-doodle-DOOOOO!" with the roosters at our little local shopping village. So sweet! 

Hope you have a great weekend!!



  1. What a cute idea with the headlamps! I bet they had a blast! The Thanksgiving Blend at Starbucks makes me want to start drinking coffee again....I'm trying to stay strong! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Headlamps=brilliance!! Love it!! Oh RED CUP LOVE!!! I hope you, gorgeous mama, has an awesome and fun weekend!!

  3. Yay for Starbucks red cups! I still haven't even gotten hot coffee yet. It's way too hot here for it. And the headlamps are such a great idea! It makes me sad it's so dark out so early now too. Have a great weekend girl! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. So jealous that yo'uve gotten a red cup! I haven't yet and I've gone at least a billion times.

    The roosters are the store so cute too. We're not allowed roosters where I live, but they have them down the road a bit. So I see them there.

    Grant is such a genius with the headlamps. I may have to invest in some of those too. Sophie loves being outside and investigating.... I say investigating because I really know she's such just destroying something else in the house.
    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. Give me all the red cups and November magazines!!

  6. How cute are those headlamps for the kiddos! And yay for red cup season! I need to try out their Thanksgiving blend, everyone always raves about it!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. Aww I love that your kids usually play outside after dinner. Those headlamps are perfect :) I need to get my first red cup of the season still, I think this weekend will be it!

  8. So smart to get out the headlamps! And I still need to get my first red cup from Starbucks. Maybe next week! Have a great weekend! (Stopping in from the link-up)

  9. I love the headlamps! Such a fun thing. I feel like I would've felt so cool wearing a headlamp when I was little. Or maybe I still would... Haha!

  10. I do that with the Christmas mags!! And red cups for the win!!

  11. The red cup and thanksgiving mags made me feel all warm inside! Yes! I looked at your plate of food and literally looked at my husband and said, I'm starving ha!
    Linds @ Not A Mom


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