Thursday, November 5, 2015

Festive November

I still can't believe it's November already! I'm linking up with Astleigh and Rachel today to share Thanksgiving festiveness! I don't really decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but rather for "fall," although this week I did put up a few little Thanksgiving items. I have to admit though, I sort of wish after Halloween we could just skip to Christmas decor. I've already been listening to a few Christmas tunes too, shh!

I kept my pumpkins out, but added a few new little things too, like this little wooden sign (Target $1 bin strikes again), as well as some new candles. I love the B&BW three wick candles, but these two wick soy candles from Target were only $8 and came in tons of fun scents like Hot Buttered Rum! I also got a gingerbread one. 

Then I put up my "Give Thanks" banner and a cute little turkey pillow my mom made. 

And of course, as if we don't have enough Halloween candy leftovers, some fall colored M&Ms also grace the counter. Mixed in with these are also some pumpkin spice flavored ones which I love too!

This time of year I also start thinking about our Thanksgiving Day table decor, etc. and what I want the table to look like! Since we won't be at home this year, I think I'm going to keep it super simple rather than lug our linens. I especially love this Activity Tablecloth from Amazon! The kids would love this, and let's be honest, adults like to color too ;) And then we can just toss it after rather than having to wash and press it!

Creative Converting Thanksgiving Kids Activity Paper Tablecover, 54 x 88", White

I'm sort of torn though because I really love these placemats from Target ... aren't they cute? I have a love/hate relationship with cloth placemats though because you have to wash and iron them afterwards, and let's be honest - I'd rather take a nap  do other things. 

We also always do Thanksgiving Crackers (or some call them poppers) at each place setting too (I also love these for Christmas!) They come with different things inside, some with little toys or paper crowns, some with jokes, etc. I like the ones with jokes and facts, because they are always fun conversation starters and the jokes are usually so dumb that they get laughs out of everyone. The below are from Amazon but I usually get mine at World Market. 
Pumpkin, Autumn and Leaves Thanksgiving Holiday Party Crackers, Set of 8
Excited to celebrate the season!!!! Now I need to get my hands on all the November cooking magazines so I can start my menu planning. 



  1. Fabulous ideas!! I have a banner in my mantle too that says Harvest. I feel the same way about placemats. Those are really pretty so might be worth it. Hope your day is full of fun and laughter beautiful!!

  2. Love all the decor, and especially the poppers! I'm planning on going to Target and TJ Maxx this weekend to pick up a few items, the apartment feels a little bare now that Halloween is over and it's a little too early for Christmas...

  3. I want to try those poppers out! And I love your décor! I'm with you though, let's bring out all the Christmas stuff!! I'm so ready!!

  4. I love your decor :) We left our pumpkins out too. I'm sure they'll be thrown out by the time Christmas rolls around - oops. And the banner is the best, the one reason why i want a mantle in our next house. I would love to add something more thanksgiving related to our house, but I'll probably make it instead of buying it.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. That disposable tablecloth is adorable! Also, I love the BBW 3 wick candles too but I've discovered they burn way faster than another other double or triple wick candle. I feel it might be a conspiracy to buy more?

  6. Definitely sharing that activity table cloth with my sister!!! So fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I love your banner! That is super cute. And the cracker idea is so fun! I have never heard of Thanksgiving ones, but definitely something I want to look into!

  8. Loving your decor! I have that same Happy Thanksgiving sign from Target, and like you I mostly decorate for fall so it lasts through Halloween into Thanksgiving. That meme is spot on, but for me it should say when Thanksgiving dinner is put away, bam Christmas decorations!

    Green Fashionista

  9. I definitely decorate for fall mostly, with a few Halloween touches that I then take down and replace with a few Thanksgiving touches. That activity tablecloth is so fun! Maybe that would make Thanksgiving less boring for me. ;) Haha!

  10. Your mantel looks beautiful!!
    The turkey pillow is so pretty--does your mom sell them?
    I love that Cracker tradition--I've never heard of it !

  11. That activity tablecloth for Thanksgiving would be so much fun!! I'd love sitting at that table and so would my two year old :)


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