Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day in the life: Halloween edition!

I seriously can't believe it's November already! October FLEW by. I love this month because we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and we get to start decorating for Christmas! What I don't really love is our weather and our "friend" Daylight Savings Time. Kids don't get the memo and "fall back" essentially means "kids wake up at their normal time, which is now an hour earlier." 

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals to share "A Day in the Life" - and I'm sharing our "Halloween" edition!

We woke up on Halloween to a SUPER gloomy, POURING, windy, rainy day. Essentially, a typical fall Seattle day. 

We quickly got into the festive mood by making some pumpkin pancakes. Always delicious!! 

Then we got dressed in our costumes early to stop by some friends houses. Grant and I both dressed up too, naturally! Here's a look at my "witch" tutu and tights. 

After naptime, we got dressed and ready to trick or treat by about 5:00! Grant was a good sport and dressed in an Olaf onsie to accompany "Elsa" ... thankfully we didn't have to buy Lila's costume just for Halloween since she's been wearing it all year! 

Owen wore Lila's old Cookie Monster costume!

Their favorite part was being allowed to ring people's doorbells! Owen kept saying "Oh Oh ding dong!" (He calls himself "Oh Oh" so this means, Owen gets to ring the door bell). 

Even though he was easily distracted with candy, he was NOT a fan of his costume. He kept pulling at it saying "NO MOH COOKIE!" haha! 

But it wasn't anything a lollipop and a few kisses from Mama couldn't fix! 

We only trick or treated for about 30 minutes before it was POURING and they'd had enough. Here they are checking out their loot! Lila pretty much stole all of Owen's but he didn't really care. Ha! Wonder how many years she'll be able to get away with that ...  Since we'd started so early we had plenty of time to get home so we could pass out candy. The kids actually loved this more than trick or treating! They LOVED opening the door for everyone and saying hi to all the kids! So fun! 

And just for fun, here's the side by side of Lila on the left (in 2013) and Owen on the right this year! Good old Cookie Monster costume has served it's purpose! So cute!



  1. The cookie monster costume is so cute! And so sweet that your husband dressed as Olaf to accompany Elsa!

  2. See this is exactly why I didn't do the link up! Your post is cute and eventful, no way could I compete! ha! Love seeing all the different "A Day In The Life" posts. Thanks for sharing!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. Looks like such a fun day - I love the Halloween breakfast!

  4. Ugh such a gloomy day but glad you guys made the best of it! And loving your witch tutu, it turned out so cute! Seriously, your husband is such a trooper dressing up like Olaf! Love it! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. So great that you were able to reuse one of the costumes - that's awesome! And your husband is awesome for dressing up as Olaf!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. My sisters little one was Elmo last year and she was so upset the whole time and kept on saying "no tickle, don't tickle me" it was so adorable.

  7. The kiddos are adorable in their trick-or-treating costumes! And loving your costume gurlie - perfect <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. It's too funny that she took his candy. I'm fairly certain I did the same thing when my brother was little. The almost 7 year age gap was great for Halloween though! When I was too old to trick or treat I still had a good stream of candy coming into the house. And luckily by then we were better at sharing haha

  9. So cute!! I love the cookie monster costume soo much. Sophie would never wear anything on her head. she just takes it off. I really love your tutu I would find ways to wear that outside of Halloween.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. AHHH Owen's little phrases kill me every time you mention them. "Oh oh ding dong" is sooo cute! I love it. I also love all your costumes!

  11. My baby didn't get the daylight savings memo either! Haha but she's actually adjusted really well for it being only two days ago. Halloween is so much more fun with littles =) Love the costumes

  12. Those pancakes look so good. I am craving one right now!!

  13. Those pumpkin pancakes look delicious!
    And I love your witch tights :)
    Such a fun day!

  14. Their Halloween costumes were ADORABLE--love that your husband was Olaf! And holy moly--those pumpkin pancakes look delicious!


  15. Great post and beautiful family.
    I love this pumpkin pancake.
    many kisses

  16. Looks like your Halloween was spooky, yummy and filled with fun♥♥


  17. Love all of your costumes! Super cute choices!!


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