Thursday, November 19, 2015

Calming the Crazy

As the years go on, the more this time of year makes me feel like a total granny. Going to bed early? Yes, please! Wearing PJs as soon as I walk in the door? Yes, please! I feel like this time of year especially, it's a little crazy - with all the events, work, kids, gifts, hosting, and so on, it gets a bit wacky. Also, I feel like this time of year brings the "trolls" out of hiding. Like people who don't know how to drive or shop suddenly come out of the woodwork, making things seem worse than normal.

That coupled with it being dark at 4 p.m., I'm ready for summer.

Here are a few things that are keeping me sane this season ...

+ Amazon Prime. Seriously. I hate shopping anymore. I HATE it. The stores are packed, nothing's ever there when I want it, sometimes things are on sale, sometimes not, etc. I'd MUCH rather sit at home with my mug of coffee, slippers and leggings on, and fill my Amazon basket full of Christmas items. Done and done.

+  Getting Up Early. I've been continuing to get up early (5:30ish) so I have an hour or so before the kids wake up to work, blog, read, drink coffee in peace, etc. I should probably use this time to work out or something, but even the peace and quiet is nice and I can answer emails or do a few little things I normally wouldn't have had time for. Granted, this was MUCH easier in the summer when the sun was rising at 5 a.m., however, I've been trying to keep it up.

+ Working From Home. The nice thing about being able to work from home is that I can multi-task. I've been trying to work from home at least a couple days a week, and that allows me to throw laundry in, prep dinner, clean up the kids toys/clothes, or do little errands that I normally would have to do after work. I'm also more productive when I work from home because there's no commute!

+ Crockpot/Dinner Planning. I used to be so much better at this, but we've been doing a lot of take out (which also feels like a treat after a long day). I'm trying to do at least a few meals planned ahead that I can throw into the crockpot or prep in advance. I still love having Grant grill extra chicken/shrimp for us to eat during the week, which saves time too.

+ Going Away for the Holidays. Both of our families live in the Seattle area, which is a blessing, but also makes the holidays seem so chaotic. Growing up, we would race to one event, do another one the next day, then another one the next day, or sometimes, two in one day. When we got married it was even more hectic because I wanted to make sure we saw everyone and didn't leave anyone out. I remember when Lila was 7 months old for her first Christmas, we raced between three gatherings on Christmas Eve, sitting in the car for 20 minutes to let her "nap" before heading to dinner. It was ridiculous. This is part of the reason we rented a beach house for Thanksgiving. Everyone can come to us and spend the night so we aren't racing around or racing to get food prepped before guests come over. I'll be happy to sit on the couch in my holiday garb with a giant cocktail and relax!

What do you do to keep yourself sane amidst the business of the season?



  1. Lots of drugs! Kidding, kidding. You know what helps me the most is getting that down time after work even if it's just 5 minutes. I need five minutes to sit and relax before jumping straight into mommy mode with Sophie. I also get down time in the evening after she goes to sleep that's really important.

    I also really like writing that's something that helps too, or watching netflix. Lately I've been watching ASL videos to learn ASL and that's been fun.

    I think you got it down to a tee though. I love crockpot meals! We just made a pizza casserole. Delicious!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. I can relate to all of this so much! I know I'm a decade older than you, but it was right around your age or a little younger than I really started to slow down and you know what there's nothing wrong with that at all! In fact I get so excited to race home and get into my jammies! And smell a wonderful dinner cooking in the ole crockpot!! Family life at its finest! I hope you're enjoying the most terrific day

  3. I am a total granny too! haha. Part of me feels fortunate that our family is so far apart, so we don't have to rush around on any holidays, but of course when we switch off holidays, we always miss the other side of the family when we aren't there. And I know when we have kids the grandparents that don't get to be with them on that holiday will be sad! I think my ideal situation would be everyone coming to us, too!

  4. Girl, whatever is in that cup... I want it! And yeah, I'm such a granny. I'm always falling asleep on the couch at like 8 pm haha! And yes to Amazon Prime! I don't remember what I did before it!!

  5. Loving all of this! I love being able to work from home and in this season find myself doing it so much more frequently -- also a big yes to the getting up earlier, so much more gets done! I hear ya on the going away for holidays being more chaotic - my husband's family lives out of town and we just decided this is our last holiday to go away for the entire holiday weekend - it's too much! A quick trip or before/after will do!

  6. I can't wait for winter! I'm ready for cozy socks and a hot cup of chocolate with marshmallows on top. Great post!


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