Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello Monday

Happy Monday!! We had a jam packed Saturday balanced with a low-key Sunday, which made for a great balance and lots of fun. 

Friday, Owen had his first official "face plant" which included a scuffed nose and forehead. Poor baby! He didn't seem to mind, but thankfully at least his teeth were spared. My sweet boy is always smiling! 

Not pictured, Grant and I had a little Friday night date. I made a new recipe and we decided to watch a movie. I gave him the option of Magic Mike 2, or Entourage. He chose Magic Mike 2 haha!!!! Who would have thought. I was "entertaining" to say the least. 

Saturday morning we relaxed in our PJs on Owen's new "couch" ... we gave our changing table/dresser away to friends who are expecting and so needed a little something to fill the space. It's one of those foam ones that folds out into a little floor bed, and the kids love it! So cute. 

After some morning books, I headed to Seattle for a baby shower! I do love some pink bubbles! I also loved how the host had pre-written our names on the glasses with a glass pen. I'd never seen one before but now I want one! 

Directly following the shower, Grant met me in Seattle with the kids so Lila and I could dash off to one of her little preschool friends' birthday! The girls were SO cute and all dressed up like princesses. So much fun with these sweet girls!! 

Sunday we contemplated going to a pumpkin patch but it was pouring and we were ready to veg out, so we instead made a big Sunday breakfast and lounged around home. 

We took a nice little walk in our neighborhood, stopped to swing and of course stomp in puddles. I wore my puffy vest for the first time this season. So cozy! 

Then the stars aligned and the Seahawks game was during naptime (woooo!). So off the kids went to bed and Grant and I parked it on the couch with Bloody Mary's to watch the game. 

Unfortunately, the Seahawks loooooooooossssstttttttt agaaainnnnnnnnnn. Soooooo depressing. It was another game they should have won. But! Better luck next time. 

After the game we hit the community pool for a swim on the baby beach and Lila was FINALLY tall enough to go down the waterslides by herself!! Such a big girl! Owen's favorite was the little baby splash pad, and of course, the hot tub. It was a nice way to close out the weekend.

Have a great week!



  1. Oh no poor baby!! He looks so happy though! It must have been the weekend for face plants because I started my weekend off at the urgent care with my 9 year old (nanny, not actually mine) because he face planted into a torn bush and split his eye lid open (AND got a huge thorn stuck in it...ouch!)

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! All the little girls in their princess costumes are too cute, and I love the idea of writing on the glasses!

  3. What a good man for watching Magic Mike with you! Poor kiddo! Glad all his teeth are intact! Looks like such a fun weekend and that Bloody Mary looks great right about now!

  4. That cracks me up about Magic Mike! Woo hoo for girly on the waterslide, I remember those were always so much fun! Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I just love your pictures!!

  5. Such a great weekend! That little detail of adding the name to the glass is a nice touch!! Loving that your hubby wanted to watch magic mike over entourage that would not be the case in my sitch lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Sorry about Owen's face plant, glad to hear he seems to be doing well though! Sophie had her first injury this weekend too :( but she seems to be doing fine as well.

    I haven't seen either Magic Mikes and I don't think I could get Kyle to watch them with me :( Glad you had such a fun weekend though I love your pictures!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. That stinks about his first big "ouch!"
    They stink! Visiting from the link up.

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  9. Wow, your Saturday really was busy! But sounds like it was a great Friday and Sunday! Poor little Owen! Glad he didn't seem to mind the spill though! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. You definitely fit in a lot this weekend and now I'm totally craving a bloody mary, I cannot believe I didn't get one in NOLA this past weekend!

  11. Poor Owen, so glad he's ok! And you've just reminded me that I still haven't seen Magic Mike XXL, definitely time for a girls night! And pink bubbly is always a good idea <3

    Green Fashionista

  12. Such a fun weekend! Your poor little guy, he has some battle scars! Sounds like you guys got in lots of quality time together and a lot of fun! Happy Monday.

  13. I love that Grant chose Magic Mike 2 haha! That Bloody Mary looks delicious! Yum!


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