Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is here. We all spent most of the week nursing our bad colds (we ALL have it now - complete with hacker cough!), so we're looking forward to a nice cozy weekend at home. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the week!

Owen is officially 21 months today! He was loving the pumpkins at a little country market this week - this is his classic "cheeeeeeese" face he makes whenever you ask him to smile. Now, it's hard to pull my phone out for a picture without him wanting it to watch videos ("Mama, THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!") but thankfully he'll still pose for pics now and then. 

Speaking of festive, look at the beautiful fall view as I drove out of my office this week. The trees are the prettiest colors and the leaves are all starting to fall now. We've also had the BEST weather here lately, cool in the mornings, sunny and 70 by the afternoon. Not too hot, but not too cold and gorgeous scenery. I love this time of year! 

And just in time for the cozy weather, I made a trip to the drug store this week in search of cough medicine (I seriously coughed ALL night on Monday, it was horrible). While I was there I saw the notorious fleece-lined leggings on an end cap. I've always seen these and sort of mentally made fun of them ... who buys leggings at a drug store? Plus the fleece aspect ... so Seattle. Anyway, I saw they were $5 and decided to go for it. Ohhh Myyyy GOoodnessss. I'm obsessed!!!! They are seriously the coziest, softest leggings ever. I don't think I'd wear them out of the house ... but you could ... but seriously, I've had them on the second I walk through the door from work ever since I bought them. SO AMAZING. And have slept in them every night this week (#overshare). They also come in about 10 other colors so now I may need to get a few more! Have any of you ever bought these?! Seriously, go get some if not ... so amazing. 
Ladies Fleece Lined Tights-Leggings
Hope you have a great weekend!!



  1. How adorable is his cheese face?! So cute!

  2. Those trees/leaves!! Hope you four have a relaxing weekend and the colds disappear asap!

  3. Ugh so jealous of your pretty leaves! And how cute it that cheese face?! OMG! Happy Friday girl!

  4. Hope you all feel better soon *hugs*, and look at all those beautiful leaves <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. Oh look at that beautiful foliage!! Hoping you all feel better this weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. We have colds too! ;-(. So guess what? I bought some of those fleece lined leggings last year at Walgreens and bragged to all my friends about them so they were going like hotcakes around our town, ha ha I plan on investing in some more this year, you can not beat that price! Owen it is such a cutie patootie! Just like his mama! Have a wonderful weekend

  7. A cozy weekend at home sounds amazing! Fleece lined leggings are great for winter!

  8. I always love your pictures of that sweet boy. And the one of the road and leaves and trees is beautiful!!

  9. Owen is too cute! I didn't realize they were sooo close in age, they are literally in the same month (Sophie is 21 months as well). Wish we lived closer, bet they would be great play buddies. He's got so many teeth too. I feel like Sophie is behind in teeth.

    I definitely would wear those leggings inside as well, they look so comfy add a nice sweater as well and I'm golden.

    liz jo @sundays with sophie

  10. Which drugstore sells those leggings?! Bartell?? I need them if you say they're that cozy! Haha. I've never tried fleece lined leggings.

  11. That cheese face is so cute! What drugstore did you get those leggings at?! I hope it's one that's near me too! I am dying for some new cozy leggings and you can't beat five bucks!

  12. Can I plaese have your drive to work? Looks SO pretty!


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