Thursday, October 22, 2015

Birthday #33!

Today is my birthday! I'm 33 today - GOOD LORD where did the time go. I feel like I'm maybe, right out of college still, maybe 26ish ... not 33 with two kids. Time truly flies.
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So here are 32 "highlights" (some more exciting than others) of my 32nd year ... 

1. I celebrated Owen's first birthday!

2. I celebrated Lila's fourth birthday with an Elsa cake, naturally.

3. I started a new job after being at my old one for the last 5 years.

4. I managed to get the stomach flu 3 times, including once while we were on vacation (thank you toddlers)

5. I celebrated with Grant during his 10 year anniversary party at work!

6. I said goodbye to the first of my four grandparents, after my sweet Papa died at age 88.

7. I clapped and cheered for Owen when he learned to walk!

8. I went on another magical vacation to Palm Springs

9. I ate Chinese takeout for Christmas dinner because we celebrated that morning with family and didn't feel like cooking after the busy day.

10. I rocked Owen back to sleep many nights while he got almost ALL of his teeth (he got them a little late!).

11. I swam in Lake Chelan and Puget Sound.

12. I went to Chicago and Orlando two times each, all four trips for work.

13. I got to see Lila perform in her first Christmas pageant.

14. I went to the zoo COUNTLESS times.

15. I walked many, many miles with our BOB stroller. I wish it had a pedometer so we could see how many miles it's logged in the last four years.

16. I welcomed a new niece!

17. I celebrated Grant's birthday dinner with ice cream because he had strep throat and it hurt him too much to eat anything else (also, thank you toddlers!).

18. I decided getting AC in our house was the best home improvement we've ever made (our summer was SO hot this year!)

19. I watched Frozen and Cars 1, 2 (at least in part) at least 50 times.

20. I decided I wasn't above getting McDonald's Happy Meals for the kids because they truly do make them happy.

21. I decided heels weren't for me anymore. I'm still upset about this one, but my feet aren't.

22. I started trying to be an early bird. I love it, but it's still a struggle every morning.

23. I finally let Grant get rid of our cable and DVR - UGH!!!!!!!! I miss it, but I don't really have time to watch TV so I can't complain.

24. I had so many fun jam sessions with Lila in the car to all the hits. "Shut Up and Dance" was our summer anthem, but Taylor Swift was our overall favorite to sing along to.

25. I applied many Band Aids.

26. I switched my Starbucks order from Caramel macchiatos to mochas and then switched again to just go with drip coffee with cream.

27. I sang so many bedtime songs to Owen, but his favorite is when I make up a song about him.

28. I decided I can't "do" malls anymore and only shop online.

29. I hosted my 7th Thanksgiving for our families.

30. I said "be careful" and "don't eat that!" about 5,000 times.

31. I felt sooooo blessed and loved!!!

32. I turned 33!



  1. Oh girl,,,it's your Birthday!!! Woohoo! I'm gonna toast my apple cider to you my love!!! What a great post by the birthday girl with the most!! I hope your day is full of everything you love and whatever makes you smile!! Hugs all around for the beautiful birthday girl!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I loved reading through your highlights from the past year! Enjoy today!

  3. Happy Birthday gurlie! Cheers to a wonderful day filled with lots of love and goodies! Boooo to stomach bugs (the WORST), but yay to lots of travel! Next time you're in Orlando you'll have to let me know ;-)

    Green Fashionista

  4. Happiest of Birthdays, lady!! I hope today is nothing short of fabulous!! And I love this post, so fun! I'll need to remember it for my birthday next year! xo

  5. Happy birthday! Such a fun way to look back at the year!

  6. HAppy Birthday, doll! Maybe you should treat yourself to a 'blardigan' for your birthday. Hope it is amazing!!! And love this idea… will save it for mine ;-)

  7. Love this post! Happy Birthday! I hope it is another fun filled year!

    Thanks for linking up today :)

  8. Happy birthday! You and me both on the malls. I'm kind of jealous about getting rid of the cable and DVR! We have Netflix and Hulu Plus isn't that much per month...if we had both of those instead we could save sooo much money! Buuut...Michael and his sports channels. Sigh.

  9. You've had a great year!!! I'm especially loving the Owen accomplishments too. Sometimes I feel like I'm older than I am because I have a child. And I cannot believe you're 33, seriously you do not look like it. you are gorgeous!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. Happy Late Birthday! I'm an October baby too! Love seeing all you have accomplished and I know going through some trials is tough but it always amazes me what we can go through in such a short time span. Wishing you nothing but happiness for 33!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  11. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

  12. Happy late birthday! It sounds like year 32 was filled with tons and tons of fun memories :) and you got to go to Orlando and Chicago for work 4 times?! Can I have your job?? haha and I am also a very strong advocate for online shopping :) It's so easy and fast and my favorite. Hope year 33 is just as great!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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