Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up for another fun "What's Up Wednesday." Wow, there's a lot of questions to get through. I don't even have exciting responses for all of them, but here we go!  

What we're eating ... I'm loving this crock pot lasagna I mentioned making this weekend. This is a great dish for having guests over too as it makes a lot and is completely hands off. I served ours with some cheesy bread sticks from Trader Joe's and a simple Caesar salad. Delish! 

What I'm reminiscing about ... Ahh, if only vacations could last forever. I'm dreaming of our recent trip to Lake Chelan ... the wine ... the swimming ... the warm sun ... and let's be honest - not working for a week, which was almost the best part! 

What I'm loving ... Family time. I am just loving the kids at the ages they are at. They were so cute and goofy on our trip. They were repeating movie lines in the car the whole drive home in funny voices. First Lila would say it, then Owen would copy her, then she'd do it in a new voice and so on. It was so funny!! Owen's chatting up a storm more and more everyday, and Lila loves the attention he gives her. 

What we've been up to ... On Friday, Grant had his 10 year anniversary at work and to celebrate, they rented out Safeco Field for all the employees and their guests. It was SO cool! We got to run the bases, go in the dug out and even go in the locker rooms! So cool.

What I'm dreading ... Grant's going on a week-long hike on the Pacific Crest Trail soon I'm sure he'll have a great time but I don't like it when he's gone for so long, especially in the wilderness!! Wish me luck!! 

What I'm working on ... Getting HEALTHY! My first cold of the season already!? Ugh. I tell you, for those who've never had a kid in "preschool" or daycare, cold season is BRUTAL! Now that Lila's been through one season, I'm hoping we don't get it as bad this year, but I tell you last year was horrible. One of us was ALWAYS sick, miserable and when you're a parent there are no sick days. Here's a cute pic of sick Owen last year. The only silver lining is that they like to snuggle more than usual :)

What I'm excited about ... The holiday season!! We are staying at a super cute beach house for the long Thanksgiving weekend and I'm really excited to plan for our meals there, what we'll do, etc. I always feel like the holidays are such a rush of cooking and traveling from gathering to gathering, so I'm excited that this year we'll be in one spot, on the beach, relaxing and enjoying the fresh ocean air. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!!! I love getting our tree as early as possible and having festive drinks. Last year Grant made egg nog (below) and it was so delish! I can't wait for this time of year.

What I'm watching/reading ... I just finished the Royal We (LOVED) and am now reading the Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty. I've read many of her other books and never did this one becuase it's not rated quite as high on Amazon, but I really like it!! I actually like it better than some of her others I've read. If you like her books, definitely check it out. 

What I'm wearing ... Today's the first day I've worn TIGHTS for the season (even though it's still 75 and sunny here). Tights, booties, and scarfs are on the horizon!!! 

What I'm doing this weekend ... No plans! Hoping to "sleep in" and remain unshowered/dressed all day (haha). 

What I'm looking forward to this month ... I'm looking forward to Halloween!! We all have our costumes and because it's on a Saturday this year I'm excited to dress up as a family and have lots of fun!  

What else is new ... Not a whole lot! I feel like that pretty much covered everything and more that anyone would want to know about us.


  1. I need to check out the books by Liane Moriarty! Her books seem like the type I would really love! What would you recommend?!

  2. Love that outfit and that recipe looks delish!

  3. Those breadsticks look SO yummy. It's always so hard to come back from a vacation, but it sounds like it was such a great time! I can't wait to see all your costumes...that is too fun to get all dressed up together!

  4. Crock pot lasagna is the best!! It's one of my go-to's as it starts cooling off!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Stop being so ADORABLE!!! ;-) You rock every photo, even the selfies are fab and you lil cutie patooties are photogenic too!! Mmmm do I have time to make that lasagna for lunch??? Hope you're having a great day!!!! ;-)

  6. Lasagna is my fave! Glad you're getting such good family time in! Happy Fall :)

  7. I love the selfie of you and Lila! :)
    You look so pretty in the striped dress, tights, and booties!

  8. I looove that dress, and it's so cute with the tights and booties! That lasagna looks so delicious. And cooking in the crockpot is always a win. That's such an awesome celebration of Grant's work anniversary!

  9. Love the dress, tights, and booties combo!!

  10. Ok...your egg nog and Christmas tree picture got me all kinds of excited!!


  11. Ooh now you have me excited for the holidays too!


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