Friday, September 11, 2015


Ahhhh, a four-day work week made this week speed by and thank goodness, because although having Monday off was nice, the rest of the week was CRAZY trying to catch up. Phew. 

Here are some of my random musings from the week ...

+ Fall? It's been so nice here this week! "Summer" continues in Seattle and even though there are hints of fall, it's still so nice. I'm soaking it in because soon it'll be wet, cold and grey. 

+ Sporty Starbucks. Lila and I were thrilled on our weekly after school/work Starbucks date when they had special edition Seahawks sleeves! Us Seattleites take our Seahawks seriously, so this was super fun (do they have these in other cities with your local teams? Maybe it's just because Starbucks is based here, not sure). 

+ Catchy Song. Lila and I continue to jam in the car, and now that Shut Up and Dance is starting to wear on us, I'm SUPER embarrassed to admit our new song ... we both were bobbing along, singing until I realized it was the BEIBS!! Noooo!!! OK, so I'm not a fan, but I do like this new song. This is the "non super inappropriate music video" (not to be confused with the other one I saw, which is super inappropriate considering I still think of him as 15 ... apparently there are two versions!). Are you a fan of the Beibs?! 

+ Catchy Music Video. Speaking of catchy songs, have you heard the new Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song, Downtown? It's super catchy and the music video is so weird/hilarious!! And since they are from here, naturally it was filmed in Washington (although I think in Spokane). (Also, for locals, make sure you spy the Ken Griffey, Jr. cameos!!! The first one was supposed to look like his rookie baseball card. So hilarious!!!) 

That's all for now! Lila has a special date with her Aunt Vicki this weekend and we are excited for the first "regular season" Seahawks game!! 

TGIF and have a great weekend! 



  1. I hate to admit it too but that Justin Bieber song is so catchy! Our weather went from 90s to 60s in one day, so it's definitely feeling like fall now!

  2. LOVE the new Bieber song. I never liked him up until recently! How cool are those Starbucks sleeves?! Too bad the Redskins aren't very good otherwise our Starbucks might carry them!

  3. Everyone keeps saying that new Bieber song is good, I guess I need to check it out!

  4. That's so cute with the Starbucks sleeves! I haven't seen them around here, but we also aren't really that close to an NFL team. Happy weekend!

    xo, Carly | carly blogs

  5. The tree in your backyard has me swooning!! Happy weekending, gal :)

  6. How fun are those Seahawks covers on the Starbucks cups! And enjoy every last ounce of summer before it gets cold and gray!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. Going to have to check out those songs :) I'm still stuck on Shake it Off Sophie and I both dance to it when I'm cleaning and cooking.

    Love starbucks too and the sleeves are nice addition :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  8. I love that Justin Bieber song...but I definitely do not love the Biebs! Uhh is Macklemore wearing leather pants? I guess I will match him in my leggings if I get them! Hahaha.

  9. The Biebs is everywhere...and I had no clue there were different videos out there.


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