Thursday, August 13, 2015

Steals & Deals

Let's just get it out there that I'm not your classic budget shopper. I don't clip coupons unless they are handed to me or arrive in the mail (such as clothing store coupons), and I don't like messy stores you have to rifle through to find a good deal (it sounds good, but once I get there I'm always overwhelmed and leave ... hello, Nordstrom Rack). I'm also, let's be honest, cheap.

So today I'm linking up with Astleigh and Rachel to mainly learn what the rest of you do for steals and deals, but also to share a few ways we've learned to save money, mostly in terms of kid activities.

Shop the Bargain Bins. First - it's no secret I'm obsessed with the $1 bin at Target. I seriously always find SUCH good things in there and for only $1!!! I get that a lot of it is junky, but I now buy all my note and thank you cards there - 8 cards for $1 and in cute patters. They also have really cute "to do" lists for your fridge, post-it notes, wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. For things like that, I really think this is a good deal and they probably make a killing off of people like me, who "stock up" every single time they go to Target.

Isn't this wrapping so cute? The chalkboard gift tags are also from the $1 bin :)

They also have cute seasonal decor! If you want to decorate for the season but not spend a ton, they always have simple wreaths, lights, banners, and other decor for very inexpensive prices. So in conclusion, if you get a hand-written card or gift wrapped in paper from me - it's likely from a Target $1 bin find.

I also get a ton of great deals at Old Navy. Can't beat $1 flip flops!! They have a ton of kids clothes on clearance so I have already bought the kids' bathing suits for spring in a bigger size so we're ready to go!

Get a Library Card. Our kids love to read books and so do I. The library has been awesome for us on so many levels. First, library cards are FREE! They also have magazines and movies!! I also have a Kindle and you can "check out" e-books to read on your Kindle or other reading device for free. We go to the library weekly, check out tons of kids books, and then return them and pick out new ones. It's fun for the kids and allows them to try new books all the time without us having to buy them. We do own a lot of books too, but keep it more to the classics or their main favorites. Also, if you have kids they have a ton of free activities that are so fun. Our kids love the story hour times- they've made lots of little friends this way and the librarians often do more than just read (one library near us incorporates kid yoga - it's awesome!).

Get Outdoors! Being outside is free ... duh. Ha! But it's so true!! We try to get outside as much as possible. We are lucky to live in a great area for the outdoors, so every weekend we're either at a park, the beach, on a hike, etc. For kids it's fun to even go watch the trains go by on the train tracks! Other bonus - all that fresh air equals great naps and early bedtime!

Picnics. We love to have picnics because they can be cheap and fun! There are tons of wineries in our area, so another "cheap" date is to skip the pricey wine tasting and instead buy a bottle to take outside for a little picnic. Pack some cheese, crackers and grapes in a cooler and you're good to go! We do this with friends a lot and it's fun, plus the kids can come too!

Kids vs. Women's Sizes. If you're a gal on the shorter or smaller side, did you realize you can sometimes buy the same items in kids' sizes and save tons of money? I have no shame doing this. For example, Lila and I have matching Saltwater sandals. Mine are a "kids" size 6 - which equals a women's size 8! I know many people who have done this with TOMS or Hunter boots too. If you wear a smaller shoe size, it's definitely worth checking out. Also, my Northface ski outfit from REI is all black - and is a boys XL! It looked exactly the same as the women's black Northface ski clothes, but the pants were more than half the price. Something to keep in mind if you're on the shorter side :) 

Memberships. Have I told ya'll we go to the Zoo a lot?! HAHA! It's seriously a joke between our family and friends because we go ALL.THE.TIME. However! Memberships are a great way to go. We've easily made back our membership money a million times over. The nice thing is - the Zoo is way more than just seeing the animals, it's an amazing park to walk around. Sometimes we look at the animals, sometimes we do the petting zoo, sometimes we just play in the grass, sometimes we go on the carousel and get popcorn. Either way, it's a great way to get outside, go on a nice walk and let the kids run free. The nice thing is, once you've been 1,000,000,000 several times, you know where everything is and don't feel the need to "see" it all.

So those are my "deals" - hoping to learn a lot from the rest of you!!!



  1. I love all of these tips!!!! These are really good! There is nothing like time outside :)
    You guys in your Saltwater sandals are SOOOO cute!!

  2. I'm overdue for a nice picnic! Perfect for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon <3

    And oh how I love the Target dollar bins, especially in the fall and around Christmas - so many amazing finds!

  3. I SO wish I had smaller feet and could wear kids shoes!!! We got a picnic cooler thing as a bridal shower gift and it has TWO zipper compartments for wine, a silverware set, and then room for food. We really need to take it and go on a picnic! Michael and I have gone on two dates to the zoo and I totally think being a member when you have kids is such a good idea!

  4. I love all of these tips!!
    The cards from the Target dollar bin are so pretty!
    And the zoo and library are such great things to do with kids. I wish we had a zoo nearby! :)

  5. I LOVE the thank you cards at Target. I have so many now just waiting to be used haha.

    My dad used to take me to the library as a kid and it really started my love of reading!


  6. sooo glad I'm not the only one who shops in the kids section!!! I do this all of the time, not so much with dresses (unfortunately so), but shoes, shirts, and shorts are fair game!

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. the girls in my family do that with shoes--they are all size 6. somehow, i am the lone girl with big feet at 8.5. And I'm the shortest. Hmph! Hehe.


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