Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sneaking in Dates

One of the biggest challenges I have as a parent is having  enough "us" time for Grant and I. Yes, we can get babysitters and enjoy time alone, but it's pretty minimal and I feel guilty doing it! We are lucky to have our families both live near us for babysitting, but have yet to hire an actual babysitter to watch our kids. I also feel bad being gone during the day on the weekends after we've been at work all week. So, that doesn't leave much time. 

If you have kids, what do you do for quick/simple dates? Do you hire babysitters? 

Here are some of my quick date ideas ... some of which are even at home! 

Winery. Wineries are fun for many reasons. It adds a fun element rather than going to a crowded bar. Many of the ones here have nice outdoor areas, so it's easy to buy a bottle and chat. Relaxing and fun! We did have a chance to sneak away last weekend to go to a couple wineries with friends for a few hours. It was nice because we left at nap time and returned home in time to do bath and bedtime. 

Campfire. Now that we have a new firepit, we've loved sitting outside with a fire in the evenings. We make a fun cocktail, bundle up and sit outside by the fire while we enjoy chatting into the night! Sometimes we'll have friends join us and it almost feels like we're "out" even though we aren't. 

Work Brunch/Lunch. Now that we work at the same (albeit, large) company, we can manage to sneak away to have lunch together during work! Sometimes this is the best option since we aren't taking away from time we'd be with the kids.

Netflix + Takeout. In place of going out to a nice restaurant, sometimes we wait until the kids have gone to bed and order our favorite takeout and eat on the couch with a movie. Even though we're at home, it's nice to have a fun dinner and movie with the option to wear your PJs! Our recent favorite? Indian food. Mmm!

What are your quick/easy date ideas!? If you have kids, how often do you get out on a date?



  1. Very good ideas!! We have a fire pit too and love it. Although we didn't use it a whole lot this summer because the mosquitos were bad. I am a empty nester. My husband and I only had one son and his 2 sets of grandmas babysitted him. So getting away by ourselves wasn't an issue for us. You have to invest in your relationship. When the kids are all gone from the nest it's just the two of you. You don't want to be strangers.

  2. Love the campfire idea and love the winery! Two of my favorites. Seriously, it is the little things that count!! :)

  3. Girlfriend I can relate! Kyle and I hardly get date night in, but we do try every once in awhile. Usually my mom will watch her for just a bit. We feel guilty too especially since we don't get to see Sophie together often. I love the campfire one especially in the fall. And that's so nice y'all can get a lunch date in! Wish I could do that without taking time away from Sophie. We also do the netflix and take out ;) No need to dress up and get fancy.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. I love the ideas for at home after the kids are in bed or sneaking in lunch during a workday! I am dying to go wine tasting. Michael's parents live in the Bay Area, driving distance to Napa, so his dad suggested Michael, me, and his parents go for a weekend as a wedding present. :) I think that would be so fun!

  5. I definitely think the most important thing is reserving a little time to reconnect and that can happen anywhere. Sneaking out with a cocktail to sit in your backyard is a perfect example! We have never hired sitters either and often feel the same about leaving the kids after working all day. I think especially when kids get a little older it is a great example for them to see their parents date!

  6. Good job making the time for just the two of you! Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things! Have a great weekend!


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