Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday favorites

Hellloooo, Friday! I'm writing this from my couch with a giant cup of coffee and wearing furry slippers, leggings, a messy bun and over-sized T-shirt. Yes, I'm secretly pretending it's Fall. Ha! Summer is my favorite season for sure, I love me some sunshine, but with it 90+ here all summer I may be slightly ready for cooler temps and an excuse to wear boots again. 

Here's what's been going on around here this week!!

Kissses!!! Owen loves to give kisses now and even makes a funny "muahh!" sound to go along with it! I'll take his kisses any chance I get! He's truly my sweet boy. Makes my heart melt. 

Pool Parties! Pool parties sure have changed for us over the years! Now they mean kiddie pools and freezing water! We had a fun one at my Uncle's and Owen was NOT a fan of the cold water. He quickly recovered, but here he is upon first dunk. Nothing a few floaties couldn't cure!

New Sunnies. I came across some fun new Ray Ban sunnies on Amazon for only $65 bucks and couldn't pass them up. I always wear brown/tortoise colored sun glasses and so black was a nice little change for me. These ones are SUPER light weight which is also nice because I'm one of those people with a big nose that gets the huge dent anytime I wear shades. These also came in a fun light pink color, but I figured black was a safer bet. 

Fries. Enough said right? Well, maybe not. I shared our dinner menu for the past week and while one night included fries, the rest did not. I love seeing what other people eat, so figured I'd share what was on our dinner plates for the week!

Fresh in 15. I also shared my new routine for getting ready in 15 minutes each morning. Granted, that 15 minutes doesn't include the time it takes to shower or get dressed, but to do hair and make-up? I consider it a win! I've also been doing Mix & Match Mama's overnight wet bun which means I wash my hair at night and sleep with it in a wet bun. Then in the morning, I leave it in the bun while I shower (not getting it wet), blast it for 1-2 minutes with the hairdryer to unfrizz and then run a curling iron through. It's saved a TON of time for me in the morning and I feel like it doesn't look half bad! Here's my second attempt at fresh in 15 below. 

Ending the Week Right. Nothing like a quick pedicure to end the week. I go to a cheap nail salon, but they do hot stone massages on your legs and it's so amazing!! I've never found this at any other place, so I'm sticking with it! 

We are watching the Seahawks game tonight with friends and ordering Chinese food delivery!!! Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Your kiddos are so adorable!! And LOVE those ray-ban sunnies! Too cute!

  2. Your new sunnies look great on you and I love the steal you got them for!! Dying over owen's reaction to the pool haha! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh my gosh 65?? What a steal!! Those look so cute on you!!! I love your kissey faces too in the first pic! The cutest! :)

  4. I love those sunnies! And hot stone massages are amazing. Have a great weekend!

  5. Can't wait to check out that Fresh in 15 routine--I need it! happy to find you through the linkup!

  6. So cute! Sophie's learned to wave goodbye, so she loves doing that, even when we're not leaving. I love those sunglasses too! What a steal. I need some fries.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. Fries for dinner, yes please! Fries are so my weakness. Love the color you choose for your pedi! Have a great weekend!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  8. Kaitlin, you look GORGEOUS in that fresh in fifteen photo!
    I love Owen's kissy face. Ephraim has been doing that too, and I hope I can get it on my camera :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  9. We call our sunglasses "sunnies", too! :) Loving the Ray Bans!

  10. Hey! I so want to be your friend. I think our kids would like each other and we would be besties - ha! Really, though, you guys look like you have so much fun. I loved your "fresh in 15" post and, of course, the pedi. Do you mind me asking in what area you live? I swear that nail salon looks like mine! :-)

  11. You have the cutest pool floats! Those new sunglasses look fantastic. Jealous of your pedicure – I’m really needing one asap.

  12. the hot stone massage sounds amazing!! i could use that this morning!! i need to find that in Atl!


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