Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

It's midweek already! Yay! This summer is FLYING by, I can't believe it's already almost August. It may as well be December - eek! Ok, that's dramatic, but seriously can't believe summer's going by so quickly...

Today I'm joining What's Up Wednesday with what's been going on in our house!!

Here are the questions ...
What we're eating this week ... We've been grilling a TON! We grill all year round, but this time of year especially we grill almost every meal. We've made burgers, salmon, steak, chicken - even pizza! All on the grill. Delish!

What I'm reminiscing about ... Single and carefree days when we used to vacation several times a year. It's harder with two kids to get off to Mexico multiple times a year, isn't it!? And more expensive. Grant and I have been wishing we could do a little mama/papa getaway sometime soon ... but until then I can reminisce with our old pictures!
What I'm loving ... the sunshine!! We've seriously had the nicest summer weather I can ever remember. It's been fabulous!!

What we've been up to ... a lot of hanging around home and doing little day trips here and there. The kids are so cute and love playing together now, so every evening we sit outside and we all play/chase/run/etc. It's so fun!
What I'm dreading ... Hmm, nothing major at this point. I guess the end of summer, but there's so much to look forward to after summer it doesn't seem quite so bad.
What I'm working on ... getting my closet in order!!! I need a major overhaul. I have tons of clothes I don't wear, and tons of new clothes that need to be organized properly. I have been considering starting with new hangers - something like these ... right now I have all different shapes and sizes and they get tangled on each other. Any other ideas?
What I'm excited about ... summer outings! I've been making a little list of day trip ideas and am looking forward to actually doing a few of them.

What I'm watching/reading ... I haven't been watching much of anything, but have been reading a lot! I keep seeing "Royal We" on everyone's must read lists, so I think that'll be next on my list!
What I'm listening to ... Lila and I LOVE to jam in the car to whatever the current hits are. She knows a surprising about of song lyrics and can sing all the newest hits!! Her favorite is "Shut up and Dance" :)
What I'm wearing ... OK so I may have gone slightly overboard at the Nordstrom sale. THESE have to be my favorite purchase so far! Even though I'm so short, I love these flats - they look fancy and are so comfy!

What I'm doing this weekend ... It's Seafair in Seattle! That means lots of fun on the water and in the air (the Blue Angels come do their aerial performance every year).
What I'm looking forward to next month ... Our 7 year wedding anniversary!! I can't believe it's been that long ...

What else is new? I will admit that I've already planned/bought all of our Halloween costumes - hehe!! Let's just say Grant and Lila will both be "Frozen" themed, and that his costume may or may not be a giant Men's Olaf onesie ... haha!!!!
Bonus - What will you miss most about SUMMER? The weather!!! Our fall/winters can be QUITE dreary and it's been so nice this year that I fear it'll be a brutal adjustment!


  1. Those waffle fries look delicious!! Makes me want some for lunch!! I love that wedding photo - your flowers were gorgeous! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yum to those waffle fries! Definitely buy matching will NOT believe what a difference it makes when everything is hanging uniformly. You will instantly have more to wear because you will be able to see it all. And I totally went waaaaayyy overboard at the sale.

  3. ahhhh waffle fries are my fav! I need your reading to rub off on me, this summer I have just been glued to the tv and not picked up a book yet [whoops!].

    not a mom

  4. I am getting ready to do a closet overhaul at our house as well! Cleaned out closets make the whole house feel more put together! I'm excited for Halloween this year too!

  5. Those waffle fries look amazing! I want some now! And yes to cleaning out your closet. I need to do that so bad before the weather gets cooler. Enjoy Seafair this weekend!

  6. Grilling is one of our favorites right now! I always feel so good after a closet organization and cleanup – I’m planning one for the rest of the summer.

  7. I love those flats! So cute! I wish I could wear pointy-toed shoes but my feet are waaaay too big for that.

  8. The waffles look lovely, in the summer months I like to cook a lot of our meals outside on the chimenia but at the moment we have had a lot of rain. Your photos all look lovely. Not sure what I'd miss about summer most probably the sunshine, it doesn't seem to last long so I would love for it to last for a bit longer.

  9. AHHH the cutest family! Love that picture of you guys in the water! I have been grilling stuff all.the.time this summer! Trying to soak it up while it lasts :) Happy Thursday!!

  10. i love waffle fries! Those look so good right now.

    I want to read royal we, too!

    Happy anniversary!!


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