Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekend Ready

Happy Friday! As always, another week come and gone and let's just say the weekend is ALWAYS welcome. Especially a summer weekend. We have ZERO plans, and I'm hoping to relax, nap, hang with the fam and enjoy the sunshine. It's also supposed to cool down here this weekend, which will be nice since it's been 90+ for as long as I can remember! 

Here are some of my recent favorites ...

Tropical Blooms. Who knew hibiscus flowers could grow around these parts? I love these because they make me think of tropical getaways to Hawaii, so when I spotted these at the Seattle zoo the other day I had to take a picture! I need to get these in our yard! 

Homemade Treats. It's been HOT around here so frozen treats are a must. Unfortunately, my kids love the sugary/bad for you popscicles and Frappuccinos (every time we see a Starbucks, which is every 2 minutes around here, Lila wants one!). So, to "health" things up a bit, Lila and I made our own popscicles! These were peach raspberry yogurt pops and they were OH so good. I'll share the recipe next week! Definitely excited to try out new flavors! 
Blogging. Blogging has been a great creative outlet for me and even if nobody reads what I write it's so fun to look back on all the stuff we've been doing - an online diary of sorts. However,  I feel like I could brush up on my "techy skills." Up until yesterday, I had my blog (via Blogger) and it was connected to Google+ and Google+ commenting. Until {GASP} I read that if people don't have a Google account, they can't comment?! Is that true? So I UN-linked my blog from Google + and all the comments have now disappeared. I also couldn't respond to anyone's comments via email. Alas, do any of you have any tips on this? If you have a blog via Blogger, do you like using Google+ commenting or do you stick with the Blogger commenting/profile!? HELP! If you have any advice, please email me!!
Grilling. We (Grant) LOVE to BBQ! We've been grilling all of our meals lately, and even using our BBQ as an "oven" to heat other items! It even has a side burner so we have literally been doing ALL of our cooking outdoors. For Father's Day, Grant got a cast iron griddle so we can even grill fun "topping" items like onions and bacon! YUM!
Morning Person. Ya'll know I've been trying to be more of a morning person (read more about that here!) and you'll be pleased to note that I've been routinely getting up around 5-5:30 a.m. everyday, which allows me about an hour and a half of alone time each morning. I sit in the quiet living room, enjoy my coffee, read news or blogs, and answer work emails. Even though I'd rather be asleep, it's been so nice! I think it'll get harder once it's dark out in the morning (it seriously helps that sunshine is streaming in my windows when the early alarm goes off!). Thankfully, my "practice" was put to the test when I had to be at work for a 6:30 a.m. meeting!! Here I am in the parking garage with my giant coffee - and I don't even look too tired! Win!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. i prefer blogger commenting and looks like you switches so yay!! That flower you have growing is so gorgeous!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I've been trying to get up earlier this week, but the baby's been more restless than usual most nights so it's been a total fail! Oh well, at least there's next week:)

  3. My comments are setup via Blogger and I don't plan on switching (but I've never had any type of comments on my blog). That being said I didn't mind your Google+ comments either. But I don't know what they're like on your end!

  4. I love waking up earlier than I need to just to have time to myself before the day starts! I've seen lots of popsicle making recipes floating around lately...I need to jump on that bandwagon!


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