Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunshine state

Hello! I'm in Orlando this week for work. I've seriously been here 4-5 times now - ALWAYS for work, never for fun. It's so weird to be somewhere "resort-like" without the fam!! Oh well. I prefer this kind of trip to, say, Chicago in January. 

Yesterday I left the house at 2 a.m. Does that mean I left at night, or in the morning?! I couldn't decide. Either way, I was TIRED. here I am at the airport, bleary eyed with a giant coffee. 

After a LONG travel day, I landed, took a cab to my hotel, checked in, threw on my swim suit and headed immediately to the pool. After a long stuffy day in airports and airplanes, a swim was exactly what I needed. Thankfully, it was sunny, warm and beautiful. I will NEVER tire of seeing palm trees!

The pool was so warm. Just what my feet needed after a long day. 

Pure bliss!!!!!!!! Empty pool all to myself. 

Nothing better than sunshine streaming down! After this picture I went for a long swim, followed by a room service dinner, eaten in bed while watching the Bachelorette. Can life get any better!? Lol ... 

Thankfully I was able to Skype with Grant and the kiddos and say goodnight before I went to bed early!!!


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  1. Well you look really good for being 'bleary-eyed'! Oh my gosh that sounds amazing. Just relaxing in the pool and then eating room service dinner watching TV. I could go for that right about now! But after leaving the house at 2 a.m. you really deserved that!


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