Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Owen at 18 months!

My sweet baby boy is officially 1 1/2!! As I write this I can hear him babbling in his crib over the baby monitor. "Lila? ... LILA! ... HI LILA!" (Lila is at preschool right now, but apparently never far from his mind).  In many ways, I can't remember life before Owen. I can't even really remember time when it was JUST Lila and us. I CAN remember a time when it was just Grant and I, and on particularly challenging days I have a "those were the days" moment.

Weight | 23 lbs!

Health | So much better! We had a BRUTAL cold season in our house. Thankfully, ever since we turned the corner to spring and now summer, the kids haven't been sick. #HALLELUJAH! I'm hoping we have a healthy summer!!!!

Sleep | Still a great little sleeper. It's AMAZING that both kids are on the same schedule. Both take a bath about 7 p.m., we read a couple books, and then it's bedtime. Lila usually plays / reads in her room until 8ish or so before falling asleep and Owen will babble until 8 or so and then they both don't wake up until 7ish. He sleeps with a pacifier still and I have about 20 in his crib so if he loses one in the middle of the night he can easily find another one (Laugh if you must - I swear it's my best trick!!!!!).

Naps | Owen dropped to one nap early and has kept relatively the same naptime, between 1-3ish each afternoon. We used to rock him to sleep for naps but now he likes to be read to, sung to and then we say goodnight and he goes in his crib to babble a bit before falling asleep.

Food | He's still quite the eater and loves to eat pretty much anything! He loves picking berries in our yard and eating them right off the vine.

Teeth | Oh man. Teething is the worst! Lila never really had much of an issue, but Owen didn't get teeth until late and so he's getting TONS of teeth all at once, which equals TONS of drool and also nights of waking up crying (usually he puts himself right back to sleep though). He has about four molars that are halfway through and is getting his fourth "bottom" tooth now too.  Poor boy!

Milestones| Owen talks up a storm and can now say two words together, like "Hi, Mama!" "Bye Lila!" and keeps coming up with new words everyday. He still calls himself "Oh Oh" and he also does this super cute thing where I say "Mama loves (making heart motion with hands) OWEN!" Your Turn! and then he'll say "Oh Oh LOVES (making heart motion _______." and he fills in the blank with various people's names. Then we clap and it's oh so cute!!

Dislikes | He does have a strong will now and will have what we call "little piggy" fits where he SQUEALS like a little piggy whine if he doesn't get his way. It's ... sort of cute haha ... especially if he's tired he'll melt down easily over the little things. He also isn't so easy going with Lila taking things from him anymore. Now sometimes she'll take something he's playing with or ask him for something he has and he'll shake his head really hard and say "NOOOO!!!" He also still HATES the car and will 90% of the time fuss and whine in his carseat. This SO annoying in traffic or on long drives. I can't wait until he outgrows this!

Favorites | He LOVES to do anything Lila's doing, loves to play outside, chase, play cars and trucks, legos, etc. He LOVES books and loves to be read to. He also loves stuffed animals and Lila's baby doll and will hug them and carry them around. It's so cute. He has a favorite blanket now too and likes to smell it and offer "smells" to other people. Then we do an exaggerated sniff and say "ahhh!" and he laughs.

We love our "Oh Oh" so much!!!!!!!!


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  1. What a sweet, sweet age! Thank you so much for sharing your sweet boy with us at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you back tomorrow!

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