Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lavender Fields

Happy July 1!! Growing up, July was always my favorite summer month. It meant long hot days, biking to the beach, bare feet, camping in our yard, looking for shooting stars after dark, camps, and just pure fun! August always meant the start of school sports, and was one step closer to back to school.

Now that we have our own family, we're always looking for new local things to do with the kids. After seeing this gorgeous grounds on a local friend's Facebook feed, I knew this would be on our summer to do list! A couple weekends ago we loaded up and headed to Woodinville Lavender. If you've never been to the Seattle area, Woodinville is a beautiful suburb known for its many wineries and lush tree-filled areas. To our surprise, it was only 15 minutes from our house, AND, on the way to Costco where we needed to go anyway (hah - win!). 

When we got out of the car you could immediately smell the amazing lavender scent. We went a bit early in the season apparently, but the grounds were beautiful and they had Adirondack chairs scattered throughout so you could sit and peacefully enjoy the ambiance. "Peaceful" isn't usually the vibe with our crazy crew, but we wandered around and took pictures, did lots of "sniffing," told the kids not to touch 100 times. Lila even took the below picture of Grant and I (not bad!)

Just a little family relaxin' ... summer style!

Then we went into the gift shop to discover they had about 12 different kinds of lavender ice cream bars!!! Sounds kind of bizarre, but the girl at the counter assured us they were amazing. I chose "strawberry champagne lavender" and it was SO good! The lavender was very mild (if we wouldn't have known it was in there, I don't know that I would detected it), and it was a refreshing treat. Lila naturally proclaimed this her favorite place ever (ice cream is all she needs). 

Nom, nom, nom!!

Another check mark off of our summer check list! It's fun to try new places and see new things. Especially when they are so close to our house ... and having ice cream isn't half bad either! 


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