Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th Fun!

There's really nothing that beats a long weekend, except maybe a summertime long weekend filled with sunshine, ice cream and BBQ! It's been 90s plus around here for longer than I can ever remember , which meant lots of ice cream and fun in the sun. 

Thankfully, we discovered the new Tillamook mini ice cream sandwiches with "waffle cookie" top and oh yes, they were so good we had to go back and buy all the flavors. Seen here, mint chocolate chip. And by the end of the weekend we'd also bought chocolate hazelnut and strawberry versions!

When it's super hot, we have ice cream BEFORE dinner! 

Saturday morning we hit the zoo! We've gone to the zoo on several holidays and it's actually great because there's hardly anyone there. We walk with our coffee, the kids run around and we all get some fresh air. Lila and I wore our festive red, white and blue best! PS - note the matching sandals (ohh, yes I did!)

Grandpa Roy met us there and brought Lila a mini American flag - she was thrilled! 

Here's the Goodall boys resting for a quick water break. Owen's going his classic "CHEESE!" 

We left the zoo around lunchtime and HAD to get burgers and fries from Dick's Drive-in for the ride home! It's not an "American" weekend without lots of burgers, grease, fries and more grease, right? It hit the spot for sure! And my car still smells like it haha ... 

After naptime we went to a friends' BBQ - Lila enjoyed the kiddie pool. 

While Grant and Owen enjoyed playing a ridiculous game of "dip Owen in the Hydrangea bush" - which he thought was hilarious! 

Then came my least favorite part of the 4th ... we came home for the kids' bedtime and our neighborhood was what I imagine a war sounds like. It was so loud Owen couldn't fall asleep until 10 p,m. (he was not pleased). Grant on the other hand fell asleep at 8 p.m., so I had a quiet evening alone watching Downton Abbey (nothing more American - lol!) on Amazon Prime while having a late night grilled cheese. I did manage to snap one of our neighbor's fireworks before going to bed ...  

Hope you had a great weekend! 


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