Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happiness is ...

While I'm off having a crazy work week, I thought I'd share a few things I've been enjoying lately! 

Here you go ... 

Flats. Namely, sandals. I don't know if it's me getting old or having little kids or what, but I can't handle heels all day the way I used to! I'ts been so hot lately too that I've been wearing tons of sandals. I LOVE these sandals from Target. They are semi-Birkenstock-ish in terms of comfort but I love the bright colors too! You would NOT know they were from Target. They are super comfy and well made. I love them! Unfortunately I don't think they have them anymore ... otherwise I would have bought the black ones too!

The Car Cart. Oh-my-goodness. You'd think Lila just won the lotto or something when we get this cart. It's in "such high demand" at our local grocery story it's usually never available, but last weekend the stars aligned and AHHH there it was just waiting for us!!! These things are SO hard to steer, but the kids were so happy it was worth it (PS, don't mind Owen's drool, he's teething again!)

Fresh Cocktails. Grant made this amazing watermelon lemonade cocktail last weekend using frozen watermelon, lemon, simple syrup and vodka. It was so refreshing and delish! And cute, which always adds to the fun. 

Pedicures. Wearing sandals so often means my feet need extra TLC! I got dark purple, which isn't very summery and then Lila asked me why my toes were black - haha. Oh well, I like it!! 

New View. On an early morning drive to work I saw these two hot air balloons floating above the trees. It seems like it'd be terrifying but amazing. Can you imagine seeing the sunrise via hot air balloon? Will have to try it someday ... 

Goofy Dates. We don't get out much - can you tell!?!? Thankfully, the summer weather means we've been having fun eating outside and having campfires for two after the kids go to bed. Makes it seem more like a date night than a normal night watching Netflix on the couch. 

Campfires. We've been using the new little fire pit my parents gave Grant at least a couple times a week! It's so fun to sit outside by the fire, watch the sunset and relax. We also keep discussing how addicting it is to "watch" fire. You can really stare at it forever and it somehow seems interesting. 

Sometimes it's the little reminders to show how blessed I am! What are you loving lately?



  1. Those sandals are really cute! I also love that shirt!

  2. Yes yes and yes, wonderful post! I need to focus more on happiness.

    Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

  3. I love those sandals! The colors are so fun. We're pedicure twins! I love my dark purple, even though it's not necessarily summery. That cocktail sounds delicious and refreshing.

  4. I can't do heels anymore either. I'm all about flats and sandals. Gotta be comfy!

  5. I love the sandals--I'm the same way with heels. That drink looks so yummy. I can use one right now. I want a fire pit for smores!!


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