Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday favs

Happy Friday! This week has been crazy prepping for a big work event next week at my new job, which I am traveling to. I love it though so that is an awesome change! Before I fly out on Monday I'm hoping for lots of R&R this weekend, and a little fun too - it's supposed to be back in the 90s this weekend too so I see lots of summer activities in our future. 

First, in case you missed it - 
+ Check out some of my favorite summer cocktails here, which I featured yesterday!
+ Yay! Nordies sale Friday is finally here! Since I don't have a Nordies card (for my financial security, lol), I have had a wish list going all week - check out my favorites. Which should I buy first!?
+ You all know I LOVE me some Amazon Prime, but "Prime Day" was so anti-climactic (Grant bought dish soap and we aren't even sure if it was that good of a deal, haha!) If you heard about the hype you have to read THIS hilarious article from Buzzfeed - "The 26 Best Responses to Amazon Prime Day." HILARIOUS!

Here are some of my other favorites of the week!

Owen's sweeter than ever at 18 months and just loves to laugh and have fun doing whatever we are doing. He loves going on daily walks to see the "quack quacks" - so cute! 

Here are Mama and baby ducks and sweet Owen checking them out! 

Speaking of summer fun, lots of our Seattle area beaches are next to train tracks, which the kids LOVE!!! They wave and the conductors usually wave back too which makes them squeeeeal with joy. Too cute.

We've been trying to go on more hikes as a family (yes not so easy) but hoping to do more like this trip to the Snohomish River last weekend. Look at that sky!!

Speaking of, there's a trail behind one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood and we love taking little strolls in the trees - doesn't this look like a scene out of Twilight?? 

Ahh, there's no better treat for me than a good latte and since mine are usually in a to-go cup of some sort, I love when I get enough time to enjoy a coffee in a real mug with pretty "foam" art!! I even enjoyed this one outside in the warm sun which was heaven. 

Hope you have a great weekend!! I will check in next week while I'm in Orlando. In the 100 degree heat. Sporting humidity hair. Hawt! 



  1. that latte looks delish! the pictures from your week are precious!

    not a mom

  2. I'm having a blonde morning. I typed a comment out and then didnt push publish. Then I typed it out again and realized it was on the wrong post. Wow. I NEED ALL THE COFFEE. Prime day was such a bust. I don't know how amazon let that happen. Happy Nordys shopping day to you :) I hope you get everything you wanted!

  3. I am definitely trying one of your cocktails this weekend!! And now I need your latte too!!!

  4. I love pretty latte art! I read that Prime Day list and it was hilarious. A VHS tape rewinder?! Seriously?! Hahaha. Did they still have your size and color in the BP booties? They sold out of a lot of sizes! And at least one color. Hope you got everything you wanted, though!


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