Thursday, July 16, 2015

Favorite Cocktails

Do you have a signature drink? You know, your go-to order? I sort of do. Glass of red wine, champagne OR a champagne cocktail. However, when it comes to fun cocktails I don't really discriminate - and SUMMER cocktails are my favorite! (Only beating out Christmas cocktails by a smidge!)  Whenever we host I love to have a signature cocktail that is both fun and festive, even if it's something as simple as a mimosa or Bloody Mary.

Here are some of our recent favorites!

Watermelon Cocktail. My lovely mother-in-law recently brought this delicious watermelon cocktail to our Father's Day gathering and they turned out so good that I had to share. The problem is we don't really have a recipe (it was more of a trial and error success), but essentially we pureed a watermelon, ran it through a fine mesh strainer, then added champagne, white wine, lime juice and simple syrup to taste. It was delish! And an even fancier touch, she froze mini watermelon balls as the "ice cubes." Garnish with a mint leaf and these are oh-so-cute! 

Paloma. If you followed my Palm Springs trip earlier this year, we made a signature cocktail every night using the fresh citrus on the patio trees. My favorite? The Paloma! They are really simple - you can actually find a TON of Paloma recipes on Pinterest. Ours had fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, a splash of fresh squeezed OJ and tequila. 

Fresh Citrus Sangria. This is a fun recipe that I've made for bridal showers, birthdays and guests. It's light, refreshing and delish! We made this version in Palm Springs as well and I need to remember to make it for us again this summer. 

Irish Cream. And for a little Christmas in July action (why not!) try this amazing Irish Cream recipe I made as gifts last year. This is great for a chocolate martini, by itself, OR ... maybe sneak a little into your coffee any time of year!! ;) 

I'm linking up for the Everygirl link up with Astleigh and Rachel. Excited to see what other cocktails people share and add a few to my list! 


  1. These drinks are so pretty and so summer!! I'd give them a try, but well you know....pregnancy :)

  2. Ok.... well all of these sound AMAZING. I have never had a paloma it sounds SO good!!!

  3. Champagne is one of my favorites too! But I do love a refreshing fruity cocktail. These all sound amazing! I especially want to try to make a watermelon cocktail like that!

  4. The watermelon cocktail with a mint leaf looks SO cute and sounds delicious :) :)

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