Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Father's Day

First things first - Happy SUMMER!!! Even though it's felt like summer around here for weeks, my favorite season is finally upon us. Did you notice it was the "longest" day of the year yesterday? My favorite thing about this time of year is how light it is. I LOVE waking up to sunshine streaming in my windows and sometimes going to bed before it's even completely dark out yet. Love love love! 

We had a busy but fun weekend, celebrating the many "Fathers" in our lives!! We were lucky enough to not only celebrate Grant, but both his dad and mine! Lots of great men to recognize and of course, lots of great food and conversation too. 

First, on Friday afternoon Grant picked Lila up from school early, and brought both of them to his work's company picnic!! I met them there as well and it was a monumental moment because Lila got her first taste of cotton candy!!!! 

They'd also made the sweetest projects at preschool for their Dads! I love her answers on this - some are hilarious. 

LOVE this - so sweet (and had to be a ton of work for the teachers!) 

On Saturday, we were hosting Grant's side of the family for dinner, so we had a quiet morning and Grant treated us to homemade french toast!!! We sat outside, the kids ran around while we sipped our coffee, and it was truly pure bliss. I love summer breakfasts enjoyed outdoors!

Once the fam came over, we enjoyed apps in the yard and even dinner outside as well. Grant's mom brought the fixings for Watermelon Sangria and it was OH so delicious ... recipe to come!


Sunday, we had another delicious breakfast outside. This time, Grant's homemade smoked salmon on toast with cream cheese, capers and red onion. We were laughing about something Lila was doing in the background so it turned out a tad blurry!

Then we relaxed at home before heading over to my parents' house to celebrate with my side of the family. And naturally, I was having too much fun to take pictures! 

My parents gifted Grant a little backyard fire pit for his birthday, so after the kids went to bed we celebrated the first weekend of summer with a relaxing outdoor campfire. I see a lot of these in our future!

Hope you had a great weekend!!


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