Thursday, June 25, 2015

One year blogging + Most Popular Posts

As of last Friday, I've officially been blogging at Little Goodies for one year! Someone (hi Grant) predicted I would fizzle out after a couple months, but I'm happy to report this has been a great creative outlet for me! It's also been so much fun capturing what's going on with the fam, so it's been easy to keep up with.

I was scrolling through some of my original posts last week and was interested to see which have been my most popular posts to date. Some of them surprised me ...

Here's a look back at the top 5 posts on Little Goodies!!

+ Baby Names. In this post, I shared how we settled on our kids names, as well as other names that were on our short lists. I do love baby names and even though we aren't having any more kids, I still love thinking about baby names and making little lists. I had such a hard time settling on names for our own kids, but I love this topic and never get sick of it. I think some of you may be the same way!

+ Copycat Jimmy John's Tuna Recipe. OK, this one surprised me. Not only were my pictures not great, this isn't really that exciting of a recipe. Apparently there are a lot of Jimmy John's fans out there!! If you like a good tuna salad, this is a great recipe even if you've never had Jimmy John's tuna sandwich. Secret ingredient? Soy sauce - who knew?

+ Business Travel Fashion. In this post, I shared some of the outfits I'd planned for an upcoming business trip - both that were professional yet easy to pack and comfortable to wear on a plane.

+ Southwest Quinoa. I love this recipe!! It's easy, healthy and enjoyed by the whole family. If you're a quinoa fan, definitely check this one out.

+ Staying Organized with Kids Toys. If you have kids and don't have a playroom in your home (like us), it's hard to have an organized living room that doesn't look like someone ransacked a toy store. In this post, I shared how I use cute baskets to conceal and organize all of the toys we have our living room. Typically we keep it "messy" most of the day, but the baskets are a nice way to clean up each night or quickly stash items when we have guests over.

Thanks for reading over the past year - it's been so fun to document what we've been up to and look back and be thankful for so many things!! And ... to any new readers - welcome!!


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