Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Ways to Make a Splash


It's no lie that I love the Kate Spade blog. It's all about being colorful in your life, style and overall attitude. I loved this article they featured recently, with new ways to make a splash heading into summer. With my new job and a new season on the horizon, I feel like some good changes are in order!

Here were my favorite new ways to "make a splash," according to, that I'll be trying to incorporate into my life this month.
I feel like I already do a good job at making sure I seem happy and friendly to random people I encounter throughout the day ("bitchy resting face" be damned!). I've noticed sometimes if I look up in anticipation of greeting someone (even if just with a smile), they are already looking at the floor, ahead, or are playing with their phone to avoid eye contact. How hard is it to say "Good Morning" to someone?! 

I really need more of these. With two small kids, it would most likely be a day trip or even an hour alone, but I do wish I was better at taking an hour or two for myself every once in awhile. An hour ALONE anywhere sounds heavenly. 

Hmm, this is interesting! I do love wearing black, but I get the point that it's fun to wear bright and cheerful clothing. I think for me this would be pairing more adventurous colors / prints together and going for it!

I feel like I don't have time for this, but really that's probably a bad excuse. Even small things count, right? When we were at the beach recently, we saw a woman on a walk picking up trash as she walked. Grant made sure to call out a nice "Thank you!" to her and she seemed surprised by the attention. Something like this would be easy for me to do and be a nice way to keep our beautiful city clean and green.

I always feel awkward doing anything totally new - new hair, bold lipstick, etc. because it seems too noticeable. The nice thing about starting a new job is that nobody knows what my "style" is. Maybe I've always worn bright lipstick for all they know! I feel like it's a good time to start some new changes for a fresh start!

I'm more of a cannonball type gal (mainly because if I tried a graceful swan dive, it'd likely end up a bellyflop). One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of floating in the water. The crackle sound of the water, feeling weightless - so refreshing and relaxing! Grant and I both did cannonballs and jumps with Lila into the deep end on our recent vacation and it was so much fun. I do jokingly tell Grant though that half the reason I married him was because I knew he'd be the one playing with the kids in the pool so I could be the Mom in the lawnchair sunbathing ... #kidding #oknotkidding.

It'll be interesting to see which of these I make an effort to do actually stick, but in the meantime, here's to trying new things!


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