Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Me time!

Before starting my new job last week, I wanted to try to take a little bit of time to myself to not only relax but spruce up my work wardrobe and 'do! Now that I don't get a whole lot of alone time (as in zero), I really LOVE having even 30 minutes to myself. So, I took two afternoons ALONE to spoiled myself royally.

On the first day, I dropped Lila at school and immediately hit Starbucks. A good day always starts with caffeine right? (#coffeeisalwaysrequired).

With that out of the way, I hit the mall. My new job doesn't require formal clothes, but new outfits always make a fresh start feel more special (maybe it's all those years of "first day of school" clothes!)

I never go to the mall anymore (I'm an online shopper these days) so it was a tad overwhelming (who are all these people?!) but I did pretty well. 

The next day, it was time for a quick pedicure!! I went to a new place that was cheaper than my usual AND included a hot stone massage on my legs/feet. So nice!! Definitely going to become my new place. 

Next up? Refreshing iced tea and some light reading (Whoa, they even spelled my name right!)

Then, a new cut and color!! Just a trim,  but I left feeling refreshed and lighter - my thick hair was a tad overgrown! (#yesmyheadiscoveredinplasticwrap)

And ta-da! 

Next I hit up Target for a few household items before leaving to get Lila!!  

All in all, some nice little "me" moments! 


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