Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

Happy June 1! I say this every month, but I can't believe it's June already. I feel like it was just March! I'm looking forward to this month for many reasons, but mainly because it means the official start to summer, Grant's birthday, and Father's Day!

We had a busy but fun weekend, filled with lots of activities. Saturday morning we left the house early and hit the beach! This time we went to Golden Gardens in Seattle, which is a gorgeous beach with a marina and lots of boats cruising by (Owen LOVED this). It's also on the train tracks, so the kids both loved seeing the trains go by. Since we got there so early it was still a tad foggy/cool, but by the time we left it was sunny and warm. 

Only downside to the beach with two kids? Sand everywhere. 

Owen checking things out!

Sunday, Grant asked if we wanted to go out to brunch. Now that we have two kids we almost NEVER go out for meals as a whole family. Frankly, it's just not relaxing for us so we'd rather avoid. But, we decided to go for it and it turned out OK. Still not relaxing, but no meltdowns and nobody had to go run around outside with a kid while the other scarfed their final bites ... so ... a win? Lila loved her kids' hot cocoa - plenty of whip! 

And a delicious mocha for Mama ... 

After brunch, we went to the nearby park. I got all sentimental because we got professional photos taken of Lila at 3 months old at this park and have a pic of her sitting in a basket on this same bridge framed in our living room. So, I naturally made the kids do an impromptu photoshoot and have already ordered a large print for our house. 


Hope you had a great weekend!!


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