Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! We've had a pretty crazy week around here between work, sickness and running the kids to and from, but we have a fun weekend ahead - full of Father's day festivities, birthday parties and a sunshine-y forecast to look forward to!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week ... 

Blooms. Our hydrangea has officially exploded and I LOVE having fresh bouquets around the house. This one is bigger than my head! 

Birthdays! This week we celebrated Grant's birthday!! However, the poor guy started feeling sick on Sunday and was miserable by Monday before I forced him to go to the walk in clinic. Diagnosis? Strep throat - yuck!!!! The weird thing is, the kids didn't have it first, so we have no idea how he got it but he was purely miserable. Despite that, we got two Blizzards from Dairy Queen (Grant had his own quarantined bowl), sang Happy Birthday and opened gifts. 

We got him a camping hammock for his birthday! We quickly tested it out in our yard and despite our trees being a little too far apart, we're all huge fans! The kids LOVE it too - they think it's a glorified swing! 

Cowgirl! Oh my goodness. I think this picture is SO hilarious and too cute. Lila's school does "pony pictures" every year as a fundraiser. Last year she was SO deathly afraid of the pony she looked like she was about to start crying in the pictures, but this year she was a total cowgirl!! I love the little "outfit" they dress them up in. I'm sure she'll look back at this and laugh, but it'll remind us of fun days at her preschool. 

Staying Organized. I've been trying to be more organized of late and was sick of having my necklaces always tangled into a giant knot, so I bought this cheap $10 jewelry organizer on Amazon and starting hanging my jewelry! I'll tell you this - I've gotten much more efficient getting dressed each morning, as I no longer spend 10 minutes untangling knots!. My only remaining problem? I need about 20 of these "organizers" ... ha!

Four.  Lila had her four year old check up this week and I'd prepped her all week for the fact that she'd need to have two shots - EEK! I was so worried she'd freak, but she did SO great! She didn't even flinch or cry. Such a big girl!!! She was quite proud of herself too. She even told the doctor her favorite food was "veggies" (#futurepolitician?). Afterwards, I treated us to some Frapps, because being four is definitely something to celebrate! PS - I got the s'mores one again - amazing sugary goodness. 

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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