Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy friday!

So grateful another weekend is here!! June is proving to be super busy already! We had Lila's spring preschool concert this week, have three kids' birthday parties and a grad party, Grant's birthday and Father's Day ... not to mention me starting a new job! In short - pass the wine!!!

Before I share my favorites of the week, did you know today is National Donut Day?  Um, yes please! I'm in! You can check out all the places giving away free ones here.

Ok, now that we all are drooling, here are my favorites of the week ... 

Spring Concert. Lila had her preschool spring concert this week and it was TOO CUTE. Getting a huge group of 3-5 year olds together to sing 4 songs including hand motions and dances, plus recite two bible verses, is a huge win. I don't know how the teachers do it! It's so cute at this age too because all the kids are waving at their parents, so proud to be on stage! I love it! They also did a little slideshow at the end and all the kids yelled out each others' names when they appeared on screen. So cute!

Here's Lila doing her best diva impression. Love that she wore her flower crown headband! She's obsessed. 
Owen's not at an age where he wants to sit still, so I figured we'd have to take turns letting him run around in the hallway, but he loved it and was singing and dancing along on Papa's lap!! He also kept pointing and yelling "LILA!" So sweet. 

Lila with her sweet teacher!! So blessed to have such wonderful teachers taking care of my sweet girl!

Cocktails & Sunshine. I don't usually have cocktails during the week, but when it's nice out after a long day? Yes, please. Grant and I've been sitting outside more often after the kids go to bed and on this night I made a white wine spritzer (lol) made of white wine, blood orange juice, sparkling water and limes. It's my new go-to! So delicious and refreshing. And makes me seem about 75 years old, but whatever. 

Coffee. Speaking of fun drinks, my new favorite afternoon delight while the kids nap on the weekend is to have my iced coffee in a mason jar. Somehow, the cute presentation and neon straw makes it taste better. I think this is local only, but I've been loving the Stumptown iced coffee lately. They have it plain or "with milk" ... and I recently found a "with chocolate milk" one that is pretty sweet but delicious for an indulgent treat!

BFFs. These sweet kiddos are little best friends. Lila is so sweet with Owen and he's obsessed with her. Now when I ask them to take pictures, Lila barely smiles and Owen does an over exaggerated "CHEEESE!" Love these two!

Buried Treasure. Owen was playing his favorite "destroy the pantry" game yesterday while I was making dinner and he unearthed a forgotten box of Girl Scout cookies!!!! YES! They are the Trefoils, which aren't nearly the same as Thin Mints, but I'll take it. We immediately ripped the box open and sat on the floor, spoiling our dinner. 

I'm hoping to get a little R&R in this weekend before I start my new job next week! EEK! Wish me luck, I've had the same job for 5+ years now so I'm sure it'll be a little stressful for awhile.


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