Monday, June 15, 2015

A lovely weekend

Summer is in full swing around these parts!! Seattle's weather forgot who it was apparently! Normally it's rainy until the 4th of July (I can't even tell you how many rainy Memorial Day weekends I spent camping in horrible weather!). We spent the weekend in our backyard or at the beach, and enjoyed every minute of the gorgeous sunshine. We also may or may not have binge watched Orange is the New Black after the kids went to bed, but that probably goes without saying ;)

Sunday we left bright and early to head to the beach. We even brought our tent for some shade and it was a big hit! (Not pictured, Grant taking a rest, lol!!)

I showed the kids how to look for crabs hiding under rocks - they loved it! There was a low tide too so lots of little tide pools with ocean life to look at.

And yes, Owen tried to eat them!

Then it was time for lunch!! We headed a bit farther down the beach for fish & chips and ice cream cones. Especially for Lila, nothing says happiness quite like an ice cream cone on a summer day.

Checking out the scuba divers below!

We also celebrated my new job with a fancy dinner at home. Grant pulled out all the stops with champagne, BBQ peppercorn steak and I made a Caprese salad (my fav!!).

Hope you had a great weekend, too!! 


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