Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I wore Wednesday

Since I've had to wear more than a wet bathing suit and sundress lately (tear!), I have at least been able to enjoy some of my new springy finds lately given the amazing weather we've been having!

Here's what I've been wearing lately ...

Classic Weekend Wear. Everyone who knows me knows I HATE wearing tennis shoes/socks. BUT! Every since I got my amazingly comfortable new tennies - the New Balance Palm Springs collection shoes (yes, I bought them because of the name!), I've been sporting them for our weekend trips around town. Paired with a white T and jeans and it's an easy combo (not pictured, the gigantic coffee stain this T-shirt had the minute we left the house, when I took a swig of my "to go" coffee and the lid wasn't screwed on right. #classy).

Anthropologie Finds. When we were in Palm Springs we popped into the Anthropologie in Palm Desert/El Paseo and found so many cute things! I love this top Puella top. It's super soft cotton and it's hard to tell from the pic, but a bright coral and heather grey make it a fun spring/summer color combo. It's a pretty loose/swingy fit too, so perfect for weekends on the go. 

I also love this blouse from Anthropologie in another bright coral. I can wear this to work, or it looks cute in basic jeans for the weekend. It's comfy and loose as well. 

Simple Dresses. I own this simple cotton shift dress from Old Navy in both the navy shown and a white and navy stripe. It's CHEAP (I think I got it for $15), super comfortable, has pockets and a nice little zipper detail on the back. I wore to work this week with TOMS wedges in blue and white stripe.

And not pictured - leggings, an oversized T-shirt and slippers, which is what I change into immediately as soon as I get home from work.


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