Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekend ready

Let me just announce that four-day work weeks are amazing. Can't they always be like this!? Not only that, our sunny and warm weather was back this week, and is looking like it will stick around for the weekend - win!! We don't have any plans this weekend, so I'm hoping we can relax in our backyard while the kids splash around in the kiddie pool (and maybe if we're really lucky, Grant and I can even enjoy a festive cocktail).

Here's what I've been enjoying this week ...

Sunshine + Treats! One day this week I needed some fresh air, so I whipped into Whole Foods, got two macaroons and left my office in exchange for an hour of work outside at the nearby Starbucks! It was heavenly. 

Not to mention, who knew Whole Foods' macaroons would be SO amazing?! Oozing chocolatey goodness - such a fun little treat!

Birthdays. Earlier this week I posted a recap of Lila's 4th (tears!!!) birthday, as well as a recipe for the Elsa Frozen birthday cake I made for her (#remindmetobuyacakenextyear). If you have any Frozen fans in your house, and you're more adept at baking than I am, this is a fun cake to try!!

Berries. For the last two summers we've grown raspberries and strawberries in our yard. Lila loves helping pick and even though not very many berries ever make it inside the house (we seem to eat more than we put in our bowls!), we love it! Last summer we also planted some little blueberry plants and earlier this week I noticed their little buds! I'm hoping we can get a few before they are eaten by birds (apparently a common problem), but we have a little netting that'll hopefully protect them. Look how cute!

Wagon Rides. We never got a double stroller and sometimes in the evenings Lila doesn't really want to walk to the park, so we use this old wagon Grant got from a co-worker! They LOVE it! We load up some snacks and park toys and head out. Owen especially thinks it's just the best ever - he gets to be a big kid and sit by Lila! Also - how cute is his "cheeeese" face (full of graham crackers bunnies)?! 

Hope you have a great weekend!!! If you need me, I'll be outside with my feet in the kiddie pool!!


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