Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!


Gnuh Yesterday was such a special day. Not just because it was Mother's Day, but because I was able to spend it with the people I love most, the sun was shining and I was constantly reminded of how truly blessed I am!!

We celebrated with Grant's family for brunch and my Mom and Dad for dinner. We had amazing food, even better company, and just an overall very happy, special day.

I am so lucky to be called "Mama" by two sweet babies who make me laugh everyday. Being a mom has taught me what sleep deprivation truly is, and that you can in fact become immune to being grossed out by bodily functions. But it has also shown me what true love really is. Being a mom is hard, but the joy truly outweighs everything else. 

This was my fourth Mother's Day (if you count the year I was overdue with Lila) and it was my favorite yet. I am so thankful for the pure joy my own kiddos bring to my life, and for my own Mama who continues to be my BFF!! 

Thank you to my wonderful family for making me feel so special and for giving me so many reasons to be happy! 


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