Friday, May 22, 2015

Long weekend ahead!

Happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend!!  It's been a crazy week around here ... is it a full moon or something!? Two nights this week Owen's had a total meltdown over bedtime and Lila's been a bit off too, I think wanting more Mama time (tear!).

But, I think the long weekend is just what we need. PLUS! Tomorrow our sweet girl turns FOUR!!!! We are having a little family party  (Frozen-themed of course ...) and looking forward to lots of fun.

She was thrilled this morning when she got to bring cupcakes to school for her school party!! 

Speaking of all things sweet, have you tried the new "mini frapp" yet? I surprised Lila after school this week with a strawberries & cream version, and snagged a coffee one for me and they were quite delish ... And was nice to have the smaller size rather!

And since we can't forget this sweet boy ... "Hiiiiiiii!" (his new favorite word) from Owen! 

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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