Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life Lately

Life's been quite sweet lately. Between Mother's Day and lots of family time (not to mention amazing weather), we've been having lots of laughs of late.

Here's a little look into what we've been up to lately ...

Owen's on haircut number two already. Such a sweet boy! Poor Lila, even at almost four years old, she still has pretty short/baby fine hair and Owen has super thick hair that grows so fast! We've taken him twice now to get his hair cut at a little kiddie barber shop. He looks so grown up!!

After he got his haircut, he got a voucher for a little train ride at the little "village" where his barber shop is. Lila chose the caboose!!! Barely visible, Grant smooshed into the back with  the kids - all 6'5" of him!! It was HILARIOUS and I laughed so hard watching them ride away. I think Grant came away with a sore neck, but the kids loved it!

Last Saturday, Grant must have been feeling generous because he let me pick out a movie to watch Saturday night. Not sure he was thrilled with my selection. Have any of you seen this!? I felt like it missed a lot from the book ... and was generally slightly cheesy!

We also took the kids to a really cute little ice cream shop close to our house that makes great ice cream with unique flavors, and has a nice little outdoor garden where they grow a lot of herbs/plants they use in the ice cream (mint, lavender, etc). We got three flavors and shared - we all declared almond poppyseed our favorite! (Note, having only one ice cream cone between two kids and two adults is definitely a test in sharing skills. We may each have to get our own in the future!).

Our weather lately has been so nice, and it's meant plenty of time in the backyard after dinner. Watching these two goof around together is SO fun. Grant and I relax with a glass of wine while these two show off and chase each other - I hope they are always little BFFs!!

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Happy Wednesday!


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